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5 SuperPowers of Successful Sales Account Executives with David Kahn #156

David Kahn 5 Superpowers of successful sales account executives5 Superpowers of Successful Sales Account Executives

David Kahn is the author of the recently published book
Cape Spandex Briefcase, Leadership lessons from Superheros. He is Senior VP of HR for Redina and a leadership strategist and academic researcher for organizational development. In this episode, David channels his inner superhero and shares the 5 superpowers sales account executives wield for selling success.

Batman vs Captain America

David’s favorite superhero is Batman. But when it comes to leadership, his model is Captain America. Captain America exhibits confidence, command and when the task is done, the team says we did this together.  It’s very Taoist.

David believes:

– sales is another form of leadership
– executives are selling ideas vs sellers selling products
– focus on the end result and you will find success

The 5 SuperPowers

All 5 superpowers are based around courage. It takes courage to make a fool of yourself and to put yourself out there. It’s also what’s necessary to take your career to the next level.

Power of Accountability – you own the outcome. As an Account Executive you have the courage to overcome the fear of losing. Fear can make you too cautious.

Power of Conviction – your value is determined by the goals you strive for and the manner you achieve them. How you do things matters. Ethical conduct is the single most important leadership competency.

Power of Persuasion – you effectiveness is based on your ability to influence others. Leaders communicate and understand the clients on a human value. Asking questions is the pathwork to persuasion.

Power of Competence – there is no substitute for being knowledgeable and skilled. You can’t persuade and lead on charisma alone. Intelligence is important, but you only need to be a bit more knowledge to be competent about a topic. You must be relatable, not jargon heavy.

Power of Collaboration – when achieving a goal you involve others. All sales are based on relationships. It’s not about authority. Approach every deal like it’s the first of many.

Take Action Advice

Always strive to be the best person in the room: the most informed, most ethical, the most prepared, the most persistent, and the most willing to display compassion.

How To Find David Kahn

David is an avid superhero fan thus the 5 superpowers sales account executives is the concept of his book:

Cape Spandex Briefcase, Leadership lessons from Superheros.

You can also find him here:

  • On Twitter
  • On LinkedIn

Cape Spandex Briefcase, Leadership lessons from Superheros

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