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This just in:  Sales Babble Recognized World Wide!

Learning sales as you travel  is not limited to the Sales Babble podcast. There are other venues: press, podcasts, blogs, newspapers and newsletters that have generously featured Sales Babble.  Below are  specific articles and programs that have been published.

sales-coach-worldPicked Top 10 Sales Podcast By Sales Coach World

The Sales Babble podcast was recognized by Sales Coach World for having one of the top 10 podcasts on the internet.

“Sales consultant, Pat Helmer’s Sales Babble podcast contains interviews with sales experts from around the world. You couldn’t wish to meet a nicer guy in sales than Pat and his soothing voice and quick wit makes for a very enjoyable listen – even with the most shy interviewees.

Pat always strikes me as very modest about his own sales achievements and experience, choosing to highlight his guests attributes, rather than trumpet his own skills.

He is a very competent broadcaster, and while the quality of his show is usually determined by the openness of his guests, his excellent broadcasting ability ensures that something useful is found on each and every listen.”   August 28,2015

Our Sales Babble Alexa Rankings 

021: Stop Hiring Bad Salespeople, A Fail Proof Hiring Process – Pat Helmers

Have you had trouble with hiring the right salespeople? Have you had difficulty with devoting the right amount of time to family and coworkers? Brendan and I have a conversation about my past, qualifying and hiring great sales people.

The Business of Family Selling #21    January 2, 2018

12 Experts Show You How to Master 2018 Now

Successful people aren’t necessarily successful because they re-invent the wheel, but because they execute on the basics better than anyone else. I was chosen by Dave Fisher for his 2018 Creative Massive Leverage post. Set your 2018 goals today.

Creative Massive Leverage    December 20, 2017

16 Sales Podcasts Every Rep Should Check Out

Hubspot does a shout-out to Sales Babble sharing  “This show features selling tips for small and medium businesses and entrepreneurs. Helmers explains sales concepts in easy-to-understand, plain language.”  This is a great honor!

Hubspot    August 10, 2017

Accelerate! Sales Babble Podcast517: Sales Secrets and Hiring Hints for Startup Success. With Pat Helmers

Andy Paul had me as guest to talk about enterprise selling and how to hire sales reps that hit the ground running.

Accelerate! Podcast    July 22, 2017

iHeart Radio: Selling In A Skirt – Who Is Your Tribe?

In this episode Judy Hoberman interviews me on non-pushy selling and how bullying a prospective client goes nowhere during this day and age.

Judy takes a view of servant leadership that dovetails well with the Sales Babble view of helping and adding value. Consider the Covey quote “Seek first to understand then to be understood”. 

Selling In A Skirt, June 5, 2017

Find The Itch Before You Pitch

Pat Helmers Sales PodcST Terry Lancaster, former Sales Babble guest, kicks off a new podcast and Pat has the honor to be one of his first guests. We talk about how to qualify and understand your ideal client. We also discuss one of my favorite topics, the Tao of sales.

Get Ya Sum Radio Show  May 2, 2017



Entrepreneurial Questions and the Tao of Selling – S3Ep6

D Fish and  I talk and babble about random (but somewhat connected) topics.  You know it’s a great conversation when you can combine jazz, Taoism, and selling!  This interview was a lot of fun talking about Eastern philosophy and sales. A real honor to be a guest.

Beer, Beats and Business  April 17,2017

Lead Fuze Best Sales Podcasts – An Ultimate List of “Must Listens”

LeadFuze just published a list of sales podcasts and Sales Babble is an honored pick! They believe “Sales Babble really focuses on reps with tips, mindset help, and best practices to help you better yourself as a sales person. Each episode is in an interview style with big names in the sales world and the show notes are filled with useful links and bonus resources.”

The Best Sales Podcasts  March 27, 2017

Episode 54: The Power of Asking Questions – Pat Helmers

On this episode of Predictable Prospecting Marylou Tyler  and I have a discussion on why listening is the most important part of sales. I share my unique framework for qualifying sales leads, and walks us through his process for having a great conversation with a prospect. This episode is a must-listen!

Predictable Prospecting #54  March 21, 2017


WHH39: Selling with Confidence. Your Message on a LARGE Scale, Internationally with Pat Helmers

While most people can’t seem to get past the emotions, or politics, surrounding the 2016 Presidential election, discuss what both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton did right and wrong during their campaigns from a sales perspective.

#39 – The Win Show   February 22, 2017

Sales Babble with Pat Helmers – Social Strategy Podcast

Vernon Ross is the host of the Social Strategy Podcast and  former guest on Sales Babble. In this episode we talk about the skills great sales professionals possess with tactics on qualifying. Very fun host and beer buddy.

Social Strategy Podcast   February 19, 2017



13 Sales Podcasts Every Rep Should Check Out

Aja Frost is  a huge fan of the Sales Babble podcast. In his own words “It’s been an invaluable source of sales insights and strategies.”  It was just featured HubSpot Sales blog roundup. A true honor.




In this episode Donald and I chat about processes  to better understand your ideal client through market research. I provide a script and list of questions all entrepreneurs should use to role out a new product or service.

The Sales Evangelist, Episode 310  – May 13,2016

Get In The Door Podcast#213: Discover Your Ideal Client with Pat Helmers

Discover Your Ideal Client With the 4 Challenge Questions.  Don’t guess what they’re thinking, ask them!

Get In The Door Podcast #213  – May 5th, 2016


Get In The Door Podcast

#210: The SORT questions  with Pat Helmers

Learn how to qualify a client with the  4 SORT Questions.  Don’t guess if they’re a match, ask them!

Get In The Door Podcast #210  – April 14th, 2016

ctcc_104_pat_helmers_sales_babble_podcast104: Pat Helmers, Sales Babble Podcast

In this interview Jeannie Walters and Adam Toporek  invite me to a conversation that  discusses the intersection of sales and customer experience.

Crack The Code Podcast Episode 104 – March 31st, 2016


officialsomdpngpodcastcoverSOMD with Pat Helmers Episode 56

In this interview Dawn Fobbs and I discuss what’s wrong with sales and where people go wrong when they talk about sales.  We chat about how great sales people have HEAT. You will learn that your personality already has what you need to be successful in sales.

SOMD With Pat Helmers – February 22, 2016

bir-spreaker-profilePat Helmers Sales Babble SORT Method

In this interview Mike Saunders interviews me on how to qualify prospective clients. You will learn the SORT Method and why your sales pitch strategy needs to be in place before marketing!

Sales Babble SORT Method – February 16, 2016

download (1)Promoting Direct Sales Podcast Episode #19 – Interview with Pat Helmers

In this episode Rayven Perkins  interviews me on the importance of understanding in great detail the value a business brings to it’s ideal client. We talk about how that value proposition is the foundation of sales when prospecting, qualifying, presenting and closing

Promoting Direct Sales Episode 19 – January 4th, 2016


Improve Your Windshield Time with these 3 Sales Podcasts

Was honored on People First Productivity Solutions and chosen one of three podcasts for commuters interested in sales.

“Bonus – this one is indexed by topic so you can find exactly what you’re looking for.

Favorite Episodes: It’s a hot topic — Episode 84 is about the movement to Stop Selling & Start Leading! You can join the movement today. Or how about Winning Over Customers by Building their Profits in Episode 13 featuring Bob Rickert? And if you’ve never heard her before, be sure to download the interview with Nancy Bleeke in Episode 68 where she talks about Conversations the Sell.”

Improve You Windshield time with These Three Podcasts

December 9th, 2015

Connie KadanskySales Call Reluctance Podcast

How to Use Social Media to Build Relationships and Earn Qualified Appointments

Connie Kandansky gets her “Ask” in gear and asks me all about how to use Social Media for lead generation. We speak about practical ways sellers can connect with people on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to generate qualified sales opportunities!

Blog Talk Radio Sales Call Reluctance Podcast 

December 3rd, 2015

Digital Wealth Digest PodcastDigital Wealth Digest Podcast

Get Up Close And Personal With Sales Expert Pat Helmers

Arjay Febus interviews me on what’s needed to succeed in sales in the current sales environment.  We talk about social media, prospecting, mindset and how to qualify clients.

Episode Sales-Strategy-on-the-digital-wealth-digest/  November 15, 2015


AuroraUniversityLogoBasics of Social Media for Sales Professionals

The scheduled speaker is Pat Helmers, a sales strategist and host of the weekly “Sales Babble” podcast ( Helmers is a former software engineer and inventor at Bell Labs and sales vice president for an Internet startup company.According to Helmers, he will show practical ways in which sales professionals can leverage social media to generate qualified leads.”Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn provide terrific opportunities for sellers to authentically connect,” he said. “Social media sales 101 prospecting requires a deft touch.”

Chicago Tribune November 3, 2015



Social Media for Sales Professionals

Marketing Professor Shawn Green moderated a program with Pat Helmers author, sales strategist and former software engineer and sales Vice President, explored how sales professionals can use Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to generate leads.

Plano Record/ Kendall Country Forum November 15, 2015




UYDAs Told By Nomads

Tayo Rockson interviews me and asks about my beliefs that great sales is based on having the mindset “I’m here to help and add value”. I share that anyone can become a skilled seller with their current personality. By drawing upon their passion for their business, they too can become a master seller.

Episode 92 – Selling Secrets For Non-Sellers with Pat Helmers October 8, 2015 and on Libsyn  and Blogtalk


Mid-life Launch podcast

Midlife Launch Podcast

In this episode I’m interviewed  by Kingsley Grant who says “Our guest – Pat Helmers (host of the popular podcast: Sales Babble) shares with us how he did it and what you might be able to get yourself through as well.”

Here are some of the take-aways found in this episode:

  • You have to take some risks
  • You must believe in yourself
  • You have to have faith
  • Be open to change and be willing to pivot
  • And more …

How To Power Your Way Through Fear Using Passion | Pat Helmers | Episode TML081 September

EXHIBITIONStrongpreneur Podcast

In this episode Tom Reber interviews me about sales coaching and sales training. We talk about the myths of sales, common mistakes in sales , personality types and using LinkedIn for lead generation.

SP 24: Sales Training for a Strong Business with Pat Helmers  July 9th, 2015

JV CrumConscious Millionaire

In this interview JV Crum and Pat  have a conversation about sales and they discuss  need for all entrepreneurs to hone their skills.

Sales Strategies for Conscious Entrepreneurs   January 9th, 2015

Daily Herald

In this interview Jim Kendall asks Pat to share his story about how he started podcasting and how it has contributed to his consulting and training business.

How To Become A Successful Podcaster   September 15th, 2014

bolder-business-women1Better Business Women’s Podcast

In this interview Aprille Jane asks Pat about his philosophy on sales and how he sees Sales as a helping profession and how to sell with confidence.

Selling With Confidence    October 22nd, 2014


Business Life TransistionsBusiness Life Transitions – Blog Talk Radio

Brian Basilico and Jan Marino interview Pat on his professional career and serendipitous path to the world of Sales podcaster and trainer

Business Life Transitions with Pat Helmers October 27th, 2014


RobotOverlordzRobot Overlordz

Mike Johnston and Matt Bolton interview Pat on podcasting, the future of jobs and technological unemployment, education, and the way we are adapting as a society to the changes underway. What jobs are there for humans in the robot future?

Selling Robots  April 9, 2015


Choose Your Best Life NowChoose Your Best Life Now

Kingsley Grant interviewed me on my thoughts on how focusing on others becomes the key to creating a path to your own success.

How A Simple Scratch Off List Can Be Your Key To Success   February 2nd, 2014

Player FMPlayer.FM

We have been showcased and honored on the Player.FM Sales page 

October 19, 2015


I’ve been honored with the ability to publish articles on LinkedIn. I deeply appreciate this privilege and have posted topics that provide value to the selling community.

Five Lessons From a Pushy Cold Call  February 16, 2015

How To Ask For The Sale  December 15th, 2014

Forget Digital Marketing, Try Cold Calling  September 18, 2014

Leverage Your Engineers When Selling  September 10, 2014

Public Speaking

How to Generate Leads at a Trade Show –

Oswego Chamber of Commerce,  March 4th, 2015

Sales Coach World

Pat was acknowledged as an expert sales coach in Illinois on Sales Coach World.  March 27, 2015

Top Ten Geneva IL March 17,2015

These are the unadulterated reviews of the “Top 10 Skills for Non-Pushy Sellers”

> “Excellent-informative and fun.  Interaction is great”
> “Well done!  Thanks for hosting a great event”
> “Excellent presentation.  Enjoyed Pat’s tips for sales”
> “I picked up several great tips!  Qualify quickly-try everyone like your
> cousin”
> “Enjoyable and informative.  Dad I came-”
> “Great presentation-applicable to today’s industries”
> “Good presentation – great pens”
> “Excellent topic and Pat knocked it out of the park.  If you are looking
> for
> speakers – engaging speakers Barry might be nice (from Victoria Cook)”
> “Pat Helmers is excellent.  Simple, easy to implement – great take aways”
> “Very informative, enjoyed it very much”
> “Venue and speaker were good”
> “Thank you very much.  I enjoyed the speaker and the content”
> “Very informative and enjoyable presentation.  Plan to follow up with Pat
> Helmers.  Love Pal Joey’s”
> “Great, practical tips”
> “Sorry I was late – Is Pat going to video cast?”



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