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SB013 | Winning Customers by Building Profits, an interview with Bob Rickert

Bob rickertIn this episode we interview the author of the book Profit Heroes by Bob Rickert. In his book Bob tells a fascinating tale of two sales rep who both vie for the same deal. In the both cases the two characters in the book are true sales professionals. But like in any competition there are winners and losers. Bob will explain the context and insight to explain why the deal went in the direction it did. And sum it up in with one word, it’s PROFIT.

Bob Rickert is an expert sales coach on breakthrough strategies for winning customers and building profits.

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In This Episode
In this podcast we talk about how you need to view a customers business from their perspective :

  • How to quickly understand a prospective client via social media
  • If you understand a company’s financials, you can uncover their needs
  • The need to find out the decision making process
  • Honoring the competition
  • Connect their issues to your companies products and services
  • Companies are continuing to minimize costs to drive profit
  • Product differentiation is not enough, you must show how it impact their business
  • The best way to influence the buying decision is to have positive impact on profit
  • Customers love to talk about their business

Items of Interest
This episode mentioned the following resources:

Consider one of the leads you are working now and answer the following questions:

  • My prospective customer makes/provides __________________ for their customers such as _________________
  • My prospective customer is profitable………
  • The greatest struggle my prospective customer has………
  • My prospective customers would be highly successful if ………..
  • My company can provide ________________ that would increase my prospective customer’s profit

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Would you like to win a copy of Profit Heroes by Bob Rickert? If so email me at pathelmers @ by June 23rd 2014, I’ll place you name in a raffle and I will announce on Tuesday June 24th. This is a great book and that any small business professional or seller will find of value. It’s practical, pragmatic and fun to read. No kidding.

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2 Responses to SB013 | Winning Customers by Building Profits, an interview with Bob Rickert

  1. Stephen Lahey (@stephenlahey) June 10, 2014 at 10:34 am #

    Outstanding interview, Pat and Bob. By the way, I totally agree that “Profit Heroes” is a page turner – great sales book!

    • Pat June 11, 2014 at 6:46 am #

      Chapter 6 rocks describing in plain language financial statements and how to evaluate the state of the business and as prospects relevant questions. It’s a must for any enterprise sellers.

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