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Birth of a Salesman with Carson Heady #198

Carson Heady Sales BabbleThe Birth of a Salesman

One consistent message I get from the Sales Babble audience is they love that Sales Babble makes sales simple by sharing practical advice and selling stories. Well today we’re going to knock that out of the park. Our guest is sales professional and author Carson Heady and he’s the author of the book series,  Birth of a Salesman. Carson spins a sales adventures of fictional Vincent Scott as a vehicle to describe what makes for great sales.

Superman With a Briefcase

The protagonist of the book is Vincent Scott. The story starts with him entering sales right out of college. His is young, brash and soon finds he’s good at it. He appreciates being well paid and is soon promoted and promoted again.  Vincent represents all of us. We are all tested in our careers and personal lives. Like him, we make mistakes and have wins.

In Carson’s mind, Vincent is a Superman with a Briefcase.  Vincent’s not afraid to take risks. Yes he sometimes fails but in the end he is a success in his profession.   This character is a mix of people Carson has worked with over time.

Attributes of a Great Seller

Vincent Scott struggles like all of us:  dealing with bureaucracy, difficult deals, and working with others. This is something we all face in our careers. It’s not limited to sellers only.  The stories develop to show how he matures over time.

Politics and corporate culture are a constant struggle in the book. Carson believes great sales demands:

  • Passion
  • Personality
  • Tenacity
  • Endurance
  • Toughness

There is more to sales than being an extrovert.

How To Find Carson Heady

You can connect with Carson on the web, blog and books:

Carson has published three books:

Sales Skills Training

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Sales Jokes That Don’t Fall Flat with Jon Selig #195

Jon Selig Sales Jokes Sales BabbleSales Jokes That Don’t Fall Flat with Jon Selig #195

There  are parallels between sales, improv and stand up comedy. Unfortunately sales jokes can fall flat and jeopardize a deal. In this episode Jon Selig shares advice on how to employ comedy to connect, build relationships and win deals.

Sales and Comedy

Each sales call has elements of standup. Open strong, close strong, probe the audience for their pain. display confidence. First you need to sell them on you. A simple  self deprecating joke is safe.

Craft jokes specifically for a prospect’s pains and challenges within their industry. It is very easy to offend and alienate your prospect.  You only need to offend one person on a team to lose a deal.

  • Don’t push anyone down
  • Don’t marginalize anyone
  • Don’t mock popular sentiments
  • Be as politically correct as you can

Have empathy and put yourself in your customer’s shoes. If you do that you won’t cross the line and have your sales jokes fall flat.

Improv in Sales

Frame your message within the problems and desires of your prospects. Be positive with the other person, respect them.

  • Answer the question  your prospects ask
  • Listen for the question, address it square on
  • Use the improv framework of Yes And
  • Accept what you hear and go with it.
  • Show how your solution will address their pains and challenges

Take Action Plan

Write more. Set aside time, express your thoughts in  1-3 pages. Stream what’s going on in your head. Discover your goals, then work it into your sales presentations. The key is to be relatable.

How to Find Jon Selig

You can find Jon Selig online and at a comedy club near you in Central America!

TW: @jonselig
IG: ImprobableComic

Jon also raises funds with Comedy Abroad, which produces live English stand-up comedy fundraisers in Latin America. 

Sales Babble Sales Jokes

Go here 

Building Rapport in Sales

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Sales Success Triangle of Attitude Behavior Technique with Glenn Mattson #187

Sales Success Triangle with Glenn Mattson #187

In this episode we describe the sales success triangle. It’s based on Attitude, Behavior and Technique. Our guest Glenn Mattson is a business consultant and sales coach. Glenn speaks from experience on the issues sellers commonly face and things they can do to find selling success.

Selling Personalities

Gabby people aren’t necessarily the best sellers. Yes they are good at connecting and initiating conversation. But sometimes they are too bound to seek for approval. They struggle with the follow up and closing aspects of sales.

Introverts and techy people, can be extremely successful in sales because they are process oriented,  they follow a system nor do they wing it.  More introverted sellers  don’t care if people like them, they handle rejection better.

Issues top sellers face

We discussed at length the problems, concerns and barriers to success. Glenn mentioned:

  • Attitude
  • Lack of Patience
  • Guilt
  • Worry
  • Anxiety
  • Risk Adverse
  • Poor Discipline
  • Poor Planning
  • Non-Tactical
  • Poor Listening
  • Weak Questioning
  • Reduce cost of sale

The question is this, how to maximize your time and energy for more business?

Sales Success Triangle

According to Glenn it’s Attitude ,Behavior, and  Technique.  Attitude is most important:  For example you earn exactly what you think your worth.  You call the people you think you’re equal to. He recommends that you increase your average deal by 10% every 60 days. Next deal with your limiting commitment. Some people say all the right stuff but don’t do it.   They have an ocean of excuses.

Take Action Advice

Two pieces of advice:

  1. Live in a world of execution
  2. Don’t fear failure.  The more you fail, the more you learn and the more you earn

How to Connect

You can find  him here

or call 631 726-3537

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Sales Skills Training

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How Salespeople Overcome Procrastination with Eric Twiggs #178

eric twiggs sales babble How Salespeople Overcome Procrastination with Eric Twiggs #178

In this episode we meet the procrastination prevention partner Eric Twiggs. Eric and I have a lively discussion covering practical ways on how salespeople overcome procrastination. We talk about mindset, processes, and automation tools that can increase productivity and success.

The habit to accept is the ability to take action. If you put things off that take you away from your life goals, you will be frustrated and unsuccessful. The root of procrastination is due to a lack of goals and focus. Turn that around.

In sales sellers commonly struggle with:

  • Following up
  • Call reluctance

What’s the answer to overcoming this struggle? Eric says

“Know your numbers, ratios of calls per answers and sales advances. Know the number of your activities. Let the law of averages work to your favor. Know that optimists are commonly more successful in sales. Get the right attitude.”

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But I Don’t Feel Like It

People often use their lack of interest as a reason to put off a task.  Don’t let inertia keep you in place. Become aware of your personality type.  Are you a Driver or a Motivator? By understanding yourself, you can overcome feelings, and displace it with habit and action.

Steps To Overcome Procrastination

  1. Turn off all notifications on your cell phone
  2. Use a smart phone app to automate your life
    1. Hootsuite – preplans social media posts
    2. SMS Scheduler – send text message reminders
    3. Rescue Time – blocks websites for a set period of time
    4. Kitchen Timer for the Pomodoro method
    5. Stick K website – makes goals public to others who hold you accountable (actually put money on the line)

Procrastination Pyramid

Eric spokes at length on his procrastination pyramid:

  1. Watch your attitude and don’t label yourself as a procrastinator.
  2. Be aware of your optimal times, power times and personality type.
  3. Animation, know your sleeping and exercise habits and control them.
  4. Automation – Understand what tools help and what tools hinder your productivity.
  5. Activity and taking action, over and over.

Take Action Advice

Don’t let perfect become the enemy of progress . Done is better than perfect.

How To Find Eric Twiggs

To learn more about how salespeople overcome procrastination go to his website

To find his new book go to

@thedisciplineofnow on Twitter

Get his free eBook “One Moment in Time Preparing Your Life For Your Defining Moment”   Send an email to and mention Sales Babble!

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Sales Skills Training

We have lots of other episodes on skills you can work on. Listen today!

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Slidebean Examples Created for Sales Babble

As I mentioned here are  couple slide decks that I created for two Sales Babble presentations. Enjoy!


How To Sell The World with Karl Weaver #177

Karl Weaver Sales Babble

How To Sell The World  – Advice on Selling Asia #177

In this episode we meet Karl Weaver, an international sales professional who is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to how to sell the world. Selling Asia is different than the USA . Europe too. In both cases, sales only happen once trust is built.  In this episode Karl shares 7 ways to sell in a protectionist environment by a process of creating trust.

Advice on Selling Asia

We walked through a series of steps that in many ways, mirror enterprise sales in the United States:

  1. Realize their goal is to compete with the West
  2. Protect all you laptops and stored information
  3. Learn the language or bring someone who can
  4. Give a gift and something local like Almond Roca
  5. Don’t expect an immediate sale
  6. Honor the exchange of business cards
  7. Use social media like LinkedIn and WeChat

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Advice on Selling Europe

Like Asia, European companies do not make pop decisions. They are more formal when approaching business transactions. The gesture of exchanging business cards is a good example. Like Asia, it’s treated as an honor to both give and receive a business card.

Europe is interested in gaining trust before doing business. They want substance and don’t make quick decisions.

Take Action Advice

Even if you lose a deal, keep working on the next one. It takes time to break in. Be patient. Share on social media you’re value proposition. Over time relations will build for those who grind away.

Don’t expect the immediate sale. Be in it for the long run. Don’t close the door, keep going back and try again. Continue the good battle, sell, market and use social media why you’re products are great.

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How to Find Karl Weaver

Karl Weaver 魏卡尔 is a globally trained, Mandarin-Chinese speaking, senior wireless market and Smart Phone/mobile device specialist, working for wireless technology companies on both sides of the Pacific Rim in a sales & business development capacity.

Add Karl J. Weaver 魏卡爾 on WeChat   Add Karl J. Weaver 魏卡爾 on WeChat

Building Rapport in Sales

Dig into our back catalog and learn more about the challenge and skills you need to build rapport with YOUR customers. Listen now!

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Slidebean Examples Created for Sales Babble

As I mentioned here are  couple slide decks that I created for two Sales Babble presentations. Enjoy!

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Selling In A Skirt with Judy Hoberman #170

Selling In A Skirt with Judy Hoberman #170

In this episode we meet business advocate and professional mentor for women Judy Hoberman. Judy is the author of the book  Selling in a Skirt where she discusses gender differences in buying and selling.  In this episode we discuss how women sell to men, men sell to women, and how to create a niche market that ensures you’re the expert.

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SlideBean Free Trial Build a Relationship

Sales is about building a relationship. This is true for all types of sales, from the simple to the complex.  Always ask questions and  take notes. Show that you’re very interested in learning more about the prospect.

Ask open ended questions. Discover if they are qualified for your products and services. People like to talk about themselves. They will tell you everything you need to know. If they have the problem your “thing” solves, you have a hot prospect.

Continue to fact find during the presentation. The next step is to close.

Secret Weapon

After the fact finding process Judy asks …“OK is there anything else?”

This will generate the first objection. “Is there anything else? What do you think we should do next?”

Address each objection, one by one.

When the objections cease, the trick is to get them to close themselves:

“It looks like Friday would be a good time to get back together, would Noon work?”

There are three possible answers:

  1. Perfect
  2. Not Perfect how about 2PM
  3. I’m going to think about it?”   (if this is the case, discover if there is a hidden objection, otherwise follow up in 2 months)

Take Action Today

Be focused and get focused by setting goals. Think of the EOY goal, and work backwards with interim monthly goals.

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How To Find Judy Hoberman

You can find Judy on her website

Judy also had a special offer at

  • Skirting the Issues eBook
  • 3 key gender differences that create the perfect sales team
  • What the F is everyone Twittering about
  • 4 simple words that will increase your sales
  • How to outsell every man in your office


Pat and Judy on iHeart Radio: Selling In A Skirt – Who Is Your Tribe?

In this episode Judy Hoberman interviews me on non-pushy selling and how bullying a prospective client goes nowhere during this day and age.

Judy takes a view of servant leadership that dovetails well with the Sales Babble view of helping and adding value. Consider the Covey quote “Seek first to understand then to be understood”. 

Selling In A Skirt, June 5, 2017


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SlideBean in the Media

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Sales Skills Training

This episode is just the start. Dig deep into the Sales Babble back catalog. Start here today!



Memory Hacks for Sales Professionals with Brad Zupp #169

Brad Zupp Memory CoachMemory Hacks for Sales Professionals with Brad Zupp #169

In this episode we have a returning guest Brad Zupp. Brad is a memory whiz and author of a new book Hack Proof Password System.  He shares memory hacks for sales professionals and tips on how to remember names, how to remember passwords and how to look like a superhero when working with prospects.   Brad’s book launched June 19 2017 but you can get it for free that week!

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 Three Ways To Remember Names

  • Repeat a name 3 times at the moment you meet the new person
  • Each night, think about the people you met  today AND recal their names
  • In groups, connect people in the conversation (again repeating names) and how they are related or organized

Hack Proof Password System

The safest way to keep you passwords safe is to memorize them.

  • Create a rule based system
  • Look at website. Think of what memories it triggers.
  • Find an anchor, maybe 2 or 3 words
  • Substitute vowels for a random number
  • Choose a favorite punctuation character
  • Capitalize a letter, or word

This method is not that difficult. In fact to a certain degree it’s a memory hack for sales professionals and any business professional looking to strengthen their memory.

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 How To Find The Book

The Hack-Proof Password System: Protect Yourself Online with a Memory Expert’s In-Depth Guide to Remembering Passwords:

Listeners outside of the USA click here 

Unlock Your Amazing Memory: The Fun Guide that Shows Grades 5 to 8 Students How to Remember Better and Make School Easier:

How To Get a Free Bonus Book

For the free bonus material (workbook and companion ebook):

How To Find Brad Zupp

Brad’s email:

Brad’s main website:

For information on Brad’s presentations for students, visit

Twitter: @BradZupp



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Sales Skills Training

Here are many other episodes to hone your selling skills. Listen today!


How To Write A Successful Sales Plan with Jamie Irvine #168

Jamie Irvine Sales BabbleHow To Write A Successful Sales Plan with Jamie Irvine #168

Our guest is Jamie Irvine, an account manager and entrepreneur from Alberta Canada. Jamie believes to achieve big sales results every company needs to have a sales plan. A sales plan will help you to organize your activity. With a systematic approach you can move consistently towards  closing sales. A sales plan establishes clear defined goals, priorities, timetables, and necessary resources. It is a roadmap to success.  This plan must be understood by everyone in the company and focuses everyone’s attention on achieving and making sales. Jamie shares the key elements on how to write a successful sales plan. It’s not as hard as you think!

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The Best of Sales Plans

There are a number of  key elements to a sales plan. But first understand the “why” behind the need of a sales plan. It’s primary goal is to make sure you’re going in the right direction. Have a good plan, not perfect plan. Don’t get caught up in analysis paralysis and having no plan at all. The goal is to get started and work on it consistently.

Here are the elements on how to write a successful sales plan:

  1. Explain Why – First express the value of your sales plan. It’s important to understand the motivation for a sales plan. It will drive you to honor and follow the plan.
  2. Set measurable goals with defined outcomes – Activities are not enough. The desired results must clear. Without defined outcomes, sales goals don’t help you. Start with the ultimate goal of closing the sale and work backwards.
  3.  Establish a timeline – Pick a schedule that is challenging but doable.
  4.  Define your goals – Big goals, annual goals, and weekly to-do list goals to make this happen. Jamie uses a simple notepad. Breaks them up into alphabetical categories for precedence. Then numbers them 1 to N by importance.
  5.  Identify barriers to success –  Many times outside events are beyond your control. But you can learn how to deal with rejection and overcoming objections. That you can control.
  6. Outline the strategy and get everyone on board.
  7. Seek commitment from all the stakeholders – all roles need to support sales.

When developing a sales plan it is important that it is simple and that you take consistent action every day


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How To Find Jamie Irvine

This is Jamie on LinkedIn

His blog post Jamie Irvine

This is the LinkedIn article How To Write a Successful Sales Plan that caught my attention and invited Jamie as a guest.

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Terrific Slidebean article by Hongkiat

Slidebean review on FinancesOnline 

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Past Episodes on Sales Process Improvements

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How Sales Can Help Buyers Help Themselves – Hugh Liddle #164

Hugh Liddle Sales PodcastHow Sales Can Help Buyers Help Themselves – Hugh Liddle #164

Sales Wizard Hugh Liddle is a sales coach famous for his red cap In this episode we answer the eternal question all buyers ask, “What’s in it for me ?” The responsibility of a seller to help buyers help themselves. Sellers need to stop the conversation of “we we we, our our our…etc”.  Today Hugh tells us how sales can help buyers with the two skill successful sellers must have.  Plus he give practical examples on how to integrate these skills  it into your selling.

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Answer the Question “So What”

Before you start to share information with a prospect, ask the question “so what”? If the information doesn’t matter to them, it’s only bragging and blustering.

Skills of Successful Sellers

It’s not about you, it’s not about being fast talker. Two skill we sellers must develop:

  1. Ask good open ended questions to find out they they are thinking
  2. Ability to Listen

This is the path to learning how sales can help buyers, help themselves. If you qualify prospects by listening, you will be working with the kind of prospects who become buyers.

Example Development Questions

Hugh gave some examples of open ended questions:

  • Where do you see your business in one year?
  • What’s been going on with your business this year?

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Focus on the EMOTION of the  End Result

From the answer of the open ended questions, you will gather the emotion they are feeling. If you can create results that address this emotion, you will find success. This answer the question on how sales can help buyers. Focus on the end result the customer will experience.

How To Connect With Hugh Little

Reach out to Hugh and schedule a coaching call here

Hugh’s website is

Sales Chalk Talk Radio

Sales Skill Training

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Here are past episodes on that focus on growing your sales skills:


5 SuperPowers of Successful Sales Account Executives with David Kahn #156

David Kahn 5 Superpowers of successful sales account executives5 Superpowers of Successful Sales Account Executives

David Kahn is the author of the recently published book
Cape Spandex Briefcase, Leadership lessons from Superheros. He is Senior VP of HR for Redina and a leadership strategist and academic researcher for organizational development. In this episode, David channels his inner superhero and shares the 5 superpowers sales account executives wield for selling success.

Batman vs Captain America

David’s favorite superhero is Batman. But when it comes to leadership, his model is Captain America. Captain America exhibits confidence, command and when the task is done, the team says we did this together.  It’s very Taoist.

David believes:

– sales is another form of leadership
– executives are selling ideas vs sellers selling products
– focus on the end result and you will find success

The 5 SuperPowers

All 5 superpowers are based around courage. It takes courage to make a fool of yourself and to put yourself out there. It’s also what’s necessary to take your career to the next level.

Power of Accountability – you own the outcome. As an Account Executive you have the courage to overcome the fear of losing. Fear can make you too cautious.

Power of Conviction – your value is determined by the goals you strive for and the manner you achieve them. How you do things matters. Ethical conduct is the single most important leadership competency.

Power of Persuasion – you effectiveness is based on your ability to influence others. Leaders communicate and understand the clients on a human value. Asking questions is the pathwork to persuasion.

Power of Competence – there is no substitute for being knowledgeable and skilled. You can’t persuade and lead on charisma alone. Intelligence is important, but you only need to be a bit more knowledge to be competent about a topic. You must be relatable, not jargon heavy.

Power of Collaboration – when achieving a goal you involve others. All sales are based on relationships. It’s not about authority. Approach every deal like it’s the first of many.

Take Action Advice

Always strive to be the best person in the room: the most informed, most ethical, the most prepared, the most persistent, and the most willing to display compassion.

How To Find David Kahn

David is an avid superhero fan thus the 5 superpowers sales account executives is the concept of his book:

Cape Spandex Briefcase, Leadership lessons from Superheros.

You can also find him here:

  • On Twitter
  • On LinkedIn

Cape Spandex Briefcase, Leadership lessons from Superheros

Leadership Episodes

There are daily postings on the private Sales Babble Facebook Group.   Next discover your inner leader with these episodes. Listen today!