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The Sales Babble Podcast Studio

IMG_2427Sales Babble Podcast Studio

I’ve had a number of people express interest in a behind the scenes look at Sales Babble. This page will  share a bit about the podcast studio setup, what it looks like, the equipment used as well as the configuration.  I’m often complimented on the sound of my podcasts.  That’s great. But what I’m most  proud of is the content  that produces one of the finest Sales podcasts currently on the internet (OK I’m biased).  That content is deeply dependent on the many fine Sales Babble listeners.  Thank you audience.

When I started Sales Babble,   I knew nothing about Broadcasting.   But being a technical guy I was confident I could figure it out. It took much longer than I thought to get it on board. I was surprised what little documentation there was on hardware mixers.  But over time I was able to repeatedly create  a quality of sound that would meet my high ideals. It could be better!   But for now this is more than adequate for Sales Babble.

Podcast Studio Hardware

Here is a brief video  on YouTube describing the process

First let me share my setup:

– Dell Inspiron – Solid State Windows 10
– Behringer Xenyx 1002FX mixer
– Behringer UCA222 USB sound card
– Peavey PV1100 mike mounted on a studio arm
– Auphonix pop filter
– Koss UR-20 headphones
– Audacity software for audio editing and recording
– Skype software for interviews

Podcast Studio Hardware Schematic

The mixer is configured to make Skype and phones calls on the iPad

Podcast Studio Mic with boom and pop filter This is the Peavey XLR mike with a pop-filter mounted on a shock absorbing arm.  It’s very convenient to move around and it stay’s where it’s put!

Podcast Studio Behringer Xenyx 1002 MixerThis is the Behringer Xenyx mixer. It greatly simplifies recording:

  1. There is no possibility of feedback on my end of the recording
  2. It eliminates the need to use recording software with Skype. Often times people use “Pamela” which I found inferior sound quality. Pure Audacity is far far better.
  3. It makes it very easy to set the levels of the call and ensure a quality recording.
  4. It makes it easy to record telephone calls.
  5. It makes it easy to record a Google Hangout call too.

Podcast Studio USB Controller Behringer UCA202

This is the sound card, again made by Behringer.  This card bypasses the internal sound cards of the laptop and ensures recordings are directly recorded using digital USB.   These RCA jacks plug directly in to the mixer board. Both and Skype and Audacity are configured to accept the USB inputs and outputs.  Easy peasy.

Benefits Podcasting with Mixer

Here are the pros:

  • High quality Skype calls (this is what NPR uses)
  • No echo
  • Simple to set up (no messy software)
  • One time setup of cost (mixer $79)
  • Skype is free (no monthly subscription)
  • Audacity is free (though donations are appreciated)
  • Can set up two microphones
  • Can record telephone calls

Here are the cons:

  • Not everyone has Skype.  I only interview business guests so they all have it. If they don’t I use a phone call.

Kudos to Pat Flynn

The publishing of the podcast was greatly influenced by Pat Flynn’s How To Start a Podcast Tutorial.   Kudos to Pat.   This is Sales Babble in iTunes.   To subscribe fill in the box to the right


Sales Babble Podcast Studio BarnLastly this is the Sales Babble Podcast Studio deep in the winter.  Upstairs is the office and studio where the Sales Babble podcast is recorded, created and produced. Most interviews are done virtually over Skype but some are recorded live in the Studio. All Sales Babblers are welcomed to visit anytime they are visiting the Chicago Land area. Heads up though….. this is what January  looked like in 2014, as well as February, March, April, December and parts of November.

I have notes regarding the specifics of this configuration and as I mentioned earlier, I anticipate improving the sound quality.  This is a living document so if you have questions about my configuration and unsure of something, please contact me. I may have digressed from this design!

Sales Podcast

I started podcasting in March 2014. My real expertise and passion is teaching selling secrets to non-sellers.   I especially focus on B2B sales in technology. Startups are my favorite consulting clients.

I’m not a podcast guru but if you have any  questions about podcasting, don’t hesitate to call or write anytime.

Happy Podcasting,




4 Responses to The Sales Babble Podcast Studio

  1. Mike June 19, 2014 at 11:41 am #

    Pat, that setup is awesome! As a former musician , I have to say it rivals most studios’ setups I have recorded at. Keep up the great work!

    • Pat June 19, 2014 at 11:49 am #

      Thanks Mike. I appreciate it and keep listening!

  2. brettjarman June 20, 2014 at 4:44 pm #

    Great content + voice for radio + all the gear = excellent podcast!

    Pat, the standard of the podcast has been pro from day one (actually before day one). Not sure what you can improve on in the tech area but it’s no surprise that you will endeavor to do so. I’ll take you up on the invitation for a first hand look some time.

    • Pat June 21, 2014 at 6:24 am #

      Looking forward to it Brett.

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