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Travel Advice for Sales Professionals with The Traveling Saleswoman Jacyln Goldman #46

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Travel Advice for Traveling Sales Professionals

Jaclyn Goldman is the author of The Travelling Saleswoman blog. She is a savvy pharmaceutical sales and business development professional who visits Sales Babble  to share her expertise on finding the best parking, best rewards programs and how to close sales.

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Travel Advice for Road Warriors

Jaclyn manages veterinary accounts across Canada and over the past 10 years, she has acquired a significant amount of experience not only selling, but also making travel plans. In her blog she shares her tricks and tools of the trade. In this episode we discuss travel advice:

Rewards cards

  • When flying, pick a carrier  and stick with it.
  • For hotels, get a reward card for all of them. A few nights here and there really add up over time. But if you stick with one card you will quickly accrue points.


  • Park Stay and Ride – for the price of a single night hotel stay you can park for a week free. Much cheaper than the airport parking.
  • If you’re gone for weeks, it’s cheaper to take a limo.
  • Calculate it out!
  • Expedia is a quick way to compare car rental pricing. But don’t book  here, go right to the rental company.

NOTE TRAVEL ADVICE FROM PAT: Never book anything through third carrier travel sites. Use them to compare prices, but always book via the company website. If you ever need to modify a reservation it’s FAR simpler working with one company.

Sales Stories

Jaclyn share a story about one of her first sales calls. And the moral of the story is ….

  • When Your Prospect Has Agreed to Buy, STOP SELLING!
  • When a prospect is reading something, SHUT UP!
  • Silence can be a good thing from your customer, give them space.
  • Body language matters, look for buying signs.

She confirms the importance of being yourself, don’t pretend, and never lie.

If you’re genuine, people will see that and trust you.

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Travel Advice Website:

You can find her social media at

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