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Selling In A Skirt with Judy Hoberman #170

Selling In A Skirt with Judy Hoberman #170

In this episode we meet business advocate and professional mentor for women Judy Hoberman. Judy is the author of the book  Selling in a Skirt where she discusses gender differences in buying and selling.  In this episode we discuss how women sell to men, men sell to women, and how to create a niche market that ensures you’re the expert.

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SlideBean Free Trial Build a Relationship

Sales is about building a relationship. This is true for all types of sales, from the simple to the complex.  Always ask questions and  take notes. Show that you’re very interested in learning more about the prospect.

Ask open ended questions. Discover if they are qualified for your products and services. People like to talk about themselves. They will tell you everything you need to know. If they have the problem your “thing” solves, you have a hot prospect.

Continue to fact find during the presentation. The next step is to close.

Secret Weapon

After the fact finding process Judy asks …“OK is there anything else?”

This will generate the first objection. “Is there anything else? What do you think we should do next?”

Address each objection, one by one.

When the objections cease, the trick is to get them to close themselves:

“It looks like Friday would be a good time to get back together, would Noon work?”

There are three possible answers:

  1. Perfect
  2. Not Perfect how about 2PM
  3. I’m going to think about it?”   (if this is the case, discover if there is a hidden objection, otherwise follow up in 2 months)

Take Action Today

Be focused and get focused by setting goals. Think of the EOY goal, and work backwards with interim monthly goals.

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How To Find Judy Hoberman

You can find Judy on her website

Judy also had a special offer at

  • Skirting the Issues eBook
  • 3 key gender differences that create the perfect sales team
  • What the F is everyone Twittering about
  • 4 simple words that will increase your sales
  • How to outsell every man in your office


Pat and Judy on iHeart Radio: Selling In A Skirt – Who Is Your Tribe?

In this episode Judy Hoberman interviews me on non-pushy selling and how bullying a prospective client goes nowhere during this day and age.

Judy takes a view of servant leadership that dovetails well with the Sales Babble view of helping and adding value. Consider the Covey quote “Seek first to understand then to be understood”. 

Selling In A Skirt, June 5, 2017


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Sales Skills Training

This episode is just the start. Dig deep into the Sales Babble back catalog. Start here today!



Master the Art of Closing the Sale with Ben Brown#161

Ben Brown Sales Author and Coach

Master the Art of Closing the Sale

A Game Changing 10 Step Sales Process for Getting More Clients and Referrals

In this episode we discuss the importance of having a repeatable sales process. Our guest Ben Brown has just published a book titled “Master the Art of Closing the Sale – The Game-Changing 10-Step Sales Process for Getting More Clients and Referrals”.  In our conversation we walk through each of these steps with Ben sharing concrete advice on how you can apply this process to your business.

Front Loading the Sales Process

Ben’s 10 steps consists of a front loading  sales process which makes the entire sale more efficient. The sooner you can qualify and discover what your prospect values, the sooner you can discern if you should pitch them, or give them a pitch.

Download Find The Itch Before You Pitch 

10 Step Sales Process 

When closing a sale Ben shared the following process. We walked through it step by step with examples.

  1. Get Prepared – be mentally prepared when you start your day.
  2. Research and Relate – do your homework and know your prospects.
  3. Qualify Potential Customers – don’t waste time with people who will never buy.
  4. Find an Emotional Trigger to Persuade – people are more likely motivated by emotion vs logic.
  5. Setup the Offer – repeat back the issues and desires to reinforce need.
  6. Present the Offer – build rapport buying signals and build yes patterns. The presentation could be 5 minutes or 30 minutes. It depends. Give them what the need, not what you want to present.
  7. Close on Product Concept – does this solve the problem does it sound like the way you want to go?
  8. Ask For the Sale-  “are you ready to move forward?”
  9. Ask For the Money –  ” what credit card do you want to put this on.”
  10. Ask for Referrals

How To Find Ben Brown

360 Sales Consulting specializes in sales training and coaching for small business and entrepreneurs who need help with their sale process. Ben has a proven method of the sales process and can provide analysis of the current method to see where improvements need to be added.
Twitter   @team360sales

What are the Sales Process Steps

Here are past episodes that discuss integrating process into your sales. Click on one now!


Persuasion and the Art of Influence with the Sexy Boss Heather Ann Havenwood #141

webinar-profile-heather1Persuasion and the Art of Influence with the Sexy Boss Heather Ann Havenwood #141

Today we meet Heather Ann Havenwood,  a gifted sales professional and coach who has mastered persuasion and the skills of assertive selling. In this episode we dig into the power of emotion when selling, and things you can do to avoid being aggressive, yet still influence and close a sale.  Persuasion and influence are hot topics.  I like to think of Sales Babble as a conversation in a Starbucks, and this episode nails the title today.

Focus When Selling

We talked at length on the selling process, what to avoid and what to embrace. This includes:

  • The beginning and ending of the sale are key to influence
  • People are naturally defensive, expect it and accept the situation.
  • People buy from people, you need to sell prospects on you first. This is the first step of persuasion.
  • Listen to what the prospect is saying, often that’s all you need to close.
  • Confusion never sells so it’s best to focus on one offer.
  • On a one call close, lead people by the hand when buying.

On a complex sale never leave the meeting without a next step.

How To Find Heather Ann Havenwood

You can learn more about influence and persuasion from Heather Ann here:

Join the Sales Babble Facebook Group

Go here to join the Sales Babble Facebook group to work on your persuasion and influence skills.

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Four Skills You Need For Sales Success – HEAT

pat-helmers-sales-skills-successFour Skills You Need For Sales Success – HEAT

In this solo episode  Pat Helmers shares the four sales skills for sales success.  Selling is not about being outgoing and pushy. It’s about having HEAT:  


  • Helpful
  • Emotionally Intelligent (Empathetic)
  • Astute
  • Tenacious

Sales Success Skills and Links

Here are the attributes and skills for sales success mentioned in the podcast. Note the links that reference previous episodes and posts made here on Sales Babble. With these four attributes, you’ll have a fresh mindset on how to approach customers and provide value.  And you’ll do so in a natural an efficient way to work your skills for sales success.


By taking the mindset of being helpful, it’s easier to promote what you have. But only if you’re certain you can help. You’re not trying to sell them, you’re trying to lend a hand.


In this situation you ask a number of questions: What’s going on? What’s the problem? Is there something I can do? How can I help? Not a mindset of being pushy, but being helpful.

Emotionally Intelligent (Empathetic)

Skilled entrepreneurs are able to pick up social cues. They can read body language in ways words don’t convey. Being able to read people, depends on your ability to listen, look, and understand.  It’s easier to understand what your prospective client is saying by paying close attention. Master sellers are empathetic to the troubles their customers have, and it shows. 

The best way to know what your customer thinks, is to ask and truly LISTEN. None of us are mind readers. Never assume you know what a prospect is thinking. Ask  for honest feedback, and listen how they answer.


Smart sellers are able to connect the dots. They take random facts, find patterns, and then understand how to take this situation and turn it to their advantage.Buyers are often confused by the event in their lives. They know they are experiencing pain, but unsure where it stems. It’s important you that understand your ideal client better than they know themselves. Once you understand the troubles they have in their lives, you can provide relief.

An astute entrepreneur never leads with a solution. But they do walk their clients through a conversation. If done masterfully, it’s a conversation that concludes with a solution the startup offers. Always be  patient when selling letting buyers come to a realization on their own schedule.


Entrepreneurs do not give up. They work deals until done. Tenacity is the ability to not quit and stick with the deal, win or lose. This requires you to become organized and detail oriented. building new daily habits centered around CRM software. With a little discipline, you too can become the organized Seller.

Most likely your competition is terrible at following up. Most sellers don’t follow up more than twice. This is where you can beat them.

Follow ­up, follow ­up, follow ­up!

Four Skills For Sales Success – HEAT

Productivity Guide

This is the productivity guide Lian Austin is sharing in preparation of his December Summit. Stop wasting time! Optimize your day and with efficient time management strategies.   This is Liam’s interview on episode #135.

Consultative Selling

Masters Sellers have HEAT and this is how we do it. Listen for more advice in these episodes to learn skills for sales success!


No Excuses Selling with Maxwell Ivey #134

maxwell-ivey-blind-bloggerNo Excuses Selling with Maxwell Ivey

Today we meet Maxwell Ivey, entrepreneur, broker, and niche business owner whose life has literally been a carnival ride.  In this episode we learn the power of not making excuses and how to set your ego aside to ask for advice.  Max believes that when you do this you are giving others the opportunity to experience the joy of helping others.

Maxwell has been in sales for long long time and despite some unique life challenges he has been highly successful in business and I’m excited to share his inspirational life story and no excuses selling advice.

Inspiration for No Excuses Selling

Max has  been able to find business success despite being blind.  He’s spot on when he recommend:

  • that you have to set your ego aside.
  • not be afraid to ask others for help.
  • advice from an experts can accelerate your progress and at the same time.
  • give those you ask the opportunity to experience the joy of helping others.

This is a fair trade and a win win for all parties.

How To Connect With Maxwell Ivey

To connect with Max you can find him at:

Reach out to Max for a free review of your pitch!  Again, another case of  No Excuses Selling

Max has a new book  available on Amazon titled: Leading You Out Of The Darkness Into The Light: A Blind Man’s Inspirational Guide to Success

Closing Sales Tips

Here are some previous episodes that share selling tips you may find of value. Check them out!


Supercharge your Sales Memory with Brad Zupp

Brad Zupp Memory CoachSupercharge your Sales Memory with  Brad Zupp

Today we meet memory athlete and memory improvement expert Brad Zupp. Brad is a former real estate agent who had to juggle a lot of sales at once.From that experience he has become fascinated by the power of memory and what we can do to  Supercharge your Sales Memory.



What you should START doing:

  1. Start wanting to remember. Just telling yourself it’s important to remember their names helps!
  2. Wellness, being physically fit stimulates the brain and keeps us sharp. Cardio exercise helps the blood flow in the brain .

Memory Advice:  Exercise your mind, exercise your body

What should we STOP doing

  1. Stop outsourcing your memory to your phone.
  2. Stop multitasking

Memory Advice: Give your FULL ATTENTION with the person you’re with. 

Remembering is three steps:

  1. Get the information
  2. Save the information
  3. Recall the information

Memory Advice: Figure out your weakest step and work on that.


When brushing your teeth, remind yourself the names of everyone you met as well as important moments of the day.

When meeting a lot of people all at once, try to slow  down  the introductions and say something about each name.

Repeat the name three times

Pat has found this works very well.  Just make sure you’re not overly obvious about it.

Brad Zupp Online

Recent Guest Interviews

Since the beginning of the year I’ve been on three podcasts to talk about sales. I  appreciate the opportunity to visit with these hosts and believe the Sales Babble listener will enjoy these conversations too!


  • Rayven Perkins – Direct Sales Podcast
  • Jeannie Walters and Adam Toporek – Crack the Door Podcast
  • Steve Kloyda – Get In The Door Podcast

Find all my recent guest interviews here as well as Sales Babble news in the press


How to Differentiate when Selling a Commodity with Lee Salz #88

Lee Salz Differentiates Commodities How to Differentiate when Selling a Commodity with Lee Salz #88

Lee Salz is a leading sales management strategist and bestselling author of  #1 rated sales management book on Amazon for 2014. “Hire Right, Higher Profits”.  Today we talk about how to differentiate when selling a commodity. 

Lee specializes in transitioning sales teams from “people-based” to “process-based” and he does this by leveraging differentiation. Lee is a featured columnist in the Business Journal, a member of the Editorial Advisory Board of Sales & Marketing Management magazine and is the Program Advisor to Kansas State University’s National Strategic Sales Institute.

How to Differentiate when Selling a Commodity

In this episode  we talk about things that you can do to standout when you’re selling commodities and how to work around price and actually charge a premium. Lee shares practical examples with proven results across a wide range of industries. 

Lee told a story about his experience at a Microsoft training programs.   They approached the problem by first reviewing  their frustrations:

  1. Worked with CIO to create a single PO
  2. Filtered student candidates to make sure employees would find value in the course
  3. Gave a guarantee if students hopped jobs they would train the replacement worker

The training was a commodity. However Lee was able to close the deal for 30-50% higher than the competition. Because of the PO they locked out the competition.

Sales Differentiator Process

  • Meet as a team
  • Understand the common needs of prospective clients
  • Focus on stories you share, how do they differentiate
  • Understand the benefits of your features that separate
  • List all the things that makes you unique

Links to Find Lee Salz


Twitter: @salesarchitects




Download the  differentiators poster at:

How To Stop Cold Calling Using Free Social Media

On Wednesday December 9th we’ll be holding the FINAL webinar for 2015.   You will learn

  • Why you need to build a relationship BEFORE calling a prospect

  • How to use LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to find Prospects for FREE
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  • How to manage Social Media and focus on the #1 goal when Prospecting

The Sales Babble Webinar  will be held on

Wednesday,  December 9th :
10 AM Pacific Time
11 AM Mountain Time
12 PM Central Time
1 PM Eastern Time

How To Stop Cold Calling Using Free Social Media.  Sign up today!


Sales Skills for Successful Sponsorships with Vernon Ross #71

Sales Consultant Vernon RossSales Skills for Successful  Sponsorships

Vernon Ross,a  social media strategist and host of the social strategy podcast.   Vernon is an expert on cultivating relationships and today he talks about obtaining successful sponsors and the sales skill for successful sponsorship’s.

What are Sponsorships?

In-kind sponsorship – when a company gives you  a product, service or time for the opportunity to build brand loyalty.

Aspects to consider:

  • When there are 3 or more prospects gathered, it’s an opportunity for a successful sponsorship
  • Find a sponsor that would benefit that audience. You don’t sell for them but the sponsor would value forming a relationship with you, because of your relationship with your prospect
  • Be careful not to water down your brand
  • Have a sponsor, sponsor lunch. I elevates your value to the audience (you have connections)

6 Pillars of Successful Sponsorships

  1. Description of your program. What you’re looking for and who you are trying to serve.  Go deep.
  2. Sponsorship Benefits – how they will benefit. It’s not just about “exposure”.   Must be deeper e.g. building brand loyalty, conversions, driving people to website
  3. Demographic Information – the exact description of audience/prospective clients you are targeting. Build an “Avatar”  e.g. Bobby is 45, yoga teacher,
  4. Media Partners – bloggers are a media partner, article published, news letters, associations,
  5. Have a marketing plan: squeeze page, email list, lead capture page, let company give brief chat at the event, how you’re going to promote the sponsor
  6. Strategic alliances – what other people who can compliment but NOT compete

Using LinkedIn to Find Sponsors

  • Connect with people in similar industries via LinkedIn groups
  • Say “I see we’re in similar industry with common connections I’d love to connect”
  • 3 days later “I see we have common interest in XYZ, would you have a moment for a brief chat on the phone?”

Vernon has been influenced by

Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill 

“You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want” – Zig Ziglar


The Social Strategy Podcast

Twitter: @rosspr
Skype: rosspr
Phone:  (314)266-8376

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7 Deadly Telephone Sins Salespeople Make

Blue Bird Sales Consultant

7 Deadly Telephone Sins Salespeople Make

In this episode we talk about common mistakes sales organization make regarding their telephones.  In this solo episode  I walk through a check list you can investigate in your current phone system. Often times companies are not even aware they are making these critical mistakes.  Consider yourself a prospective client. Test and see if you’re easy to connect to.

7 deadly sales sins that kill bluebirds.


When a new customer calls you out of the blue to  buy something,in sales we call that  a bluebird. Sales people LOVE bluebirds. It’s fun to earn a commission with very little work. I always did a little happy dance when those infrequent sales plopped in my lap.

A buyer that takes the time to pick up the phone and call you is a motivated buyer. I LOVE motivated buyers. Yet I’m constantly shocked by how difficult companies make it for prospective customers to connect with a sales rep.

A motivated buyer is a precious commodity. It’s critical to quickly take the money when the desire is strong to purchase. Tomorrow maybe too late.

This past week I’ve been calling  sales organizations.

Over and over I keep seeing the same telephone mistakes. If I didn’t know any better, it’s like they don’t want people to buy!

If you’re a sales manager, business owner or a sales rep, take a moment and investigate your telephone situation. To help,  consider the following 7 deadly telephone sins sales people make.

Check your organization against this list and  see if you are unwittingly killing bluebirds with your telephones.

No Voice Mail Greeting Setup

Make sure every sales rep has voice mail setup on their office phone  and cell phone. Twice this week I’ve heard “You reached the phone of 630-555-1212”. I was never certain if I even had the right person.  I would leave a lame voice mail like “Hi Johnny? I was calling about a placing a million dollar order with your company?”

Voice Mail Greeting Non-compelling

Some people  have a voice mail greeting but it’s nothing like what they would say if you were to meet in person. The greeting should be warm, inviting and helpful. It shouldn’t sound like you  are bored with your job.  You would think people would know how to do this.   Instead do this…

“Hi, you’ve reached the phone of NAME at COMPANY. I’m not available right now but please leave a message and I’ll get back to you as soon  as I can.”

If you’re a sales manager, Listen to your reps voicemail. Does it meet that criteria?

Voice Mail Full,  Can’t Leave a Message

Nothing is more frustrating than dialing through a complex phone system, listening to a long greeting only to be told you  CAN’T leave a message. Ugh.

Call everyone in the sales organization. Is their voice mail ready to accept new orders?

No Telephone Number on The Employees  LinkedIn

Did you know that recent studies show that 30-40% of the sales happens online BEFORE you talk to the prospect?   Let’s say one of your clients passes the name of a rep onto a friend. That person will then investigate and look up the sales rep on LinkedIn. Despite the fact that there is a place to enter a phone number, MANY PEOPLE LEAVE IT BLANK. This is not the DO NOT CALL LIST.   You want people to call you!

Or if there is a phone number it’s a Home phone. Was this left over from the days when LinkedIn was considered your online resume?  It’s not. It’s a portal to you. your brands as a sales professional.  Place your office or cell phone  number in LinkedIn. Make it easy for people to connect.

“But Pat”, you might ask “I don’t want sales people calling me“.   Sigh and  let me wag my finger for a moment.   You know, you’re a sales person, right?

Instead do this:  treat them with respect, see if they can help, and if it’s clear they can’t say “I’m sorry but I’m not a qualified prospect for you. I’m in sales too. I believe your time would be better spent working on your next lead. Good luck!” 

No Telephone Number on your Website

A surprising number of organizations make it very difficult  to contact the sales department or a specific person. I’ve recently seen this issue on both big brand companies and Mom and Pop companies.  A few days ago I was forced to call the support line (hidden on the About page), wait in a queue, then get transferred to an operator, who then looked up the name and transferred my call. It took 10 minutes and this was a large big brand company. Most people  are not so patient.  And mind you I see this on small business websites too. Make it easy for people to connect.

No Updated Telephone Directory

Again nothing is more frustrating  then using the letters on a dial pad to peck out a name that’s NOT in the directory. And you probably did this after navigating through a series of complicated phone system.  Make sure everyone’s phone is up to date, by first name and last.

No Attendant

This is always the last hope when you can connect, hit 0 to connect with an operator. But what if there is no operator? The calls should transfer to a sales rep. If it goes to a general mailbox, that give the prospect little faith their call will be returned. To the best of your ability, have a live person answer ALL calls on the sales line. If it’s a support call they can transfer it.

These are the 7 deadly sins that kill bluebirds

Again, take a moment and investigate your current phone system. Often times companies are not aware they are making these critical mistakes.  You may not be aware that you’re guilty yourself. Consider yourself a prospective client. Test and see if you’re easy to connect to.

Bluebirds are too precious to lose, motivated buyers are as good as gold. Don’t let these opportunities pass you by!

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8 Keys To Sales Success with Jim Keenan #58

Jim Keenan - keys to sales successThe 8 Keys To Sales Success
an interview with “A Sales Guy” Jim Keenan

Today we meet A Sales Guy, Jim Keenan, a national speaker and author on sales and sales leadership. Jim is the CEO of A Sales Consulting and A Sales Recruiting and today we review his 8 keys to sales success. In this episode Jim concisely explains how all sales is about change. And unless you truly understand the change desired by the buyer, you will struggle in sales. Jim shares a way to prepare, understand and validate a customer while listening.

Here are the 8 Keys To Sales Success
1. Ask
2. Listen
3. Understand
4. Validate
5. Listen
6. Deliver
7. Ask Again
8. Repeat

A Common Sales Mistake

These steps address the big mistake he sees sales professionals repeat over and over: they don’t ask questions that help them discover the customer.

How To Find Jim Keenan

Jim recommended that we go to his website:

A Sales Guy  to find about him and his company.

For free training visit his A Sales Guy U!  This includes his blog, articles, videos and events.

Jim Keenan  is on Twitter and you can follow him too!

and lastly here is the original article on the 8 Keys to Sales Success.


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