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Selling For Introverts with Alen Mayer #61

alenmajer-198x300Selling For Introverts

In this episode we meet Alen Mayer, aka Chief Sales Introvert,  an author, sales coach, sales consultant and mentor who disagrees with the idea that some people are just born to sales. Alen believes that anyone can be an amazing sales professional, even introverts, but only if they stay true to themselves.

In this episode  Alen and I have a lively discussion  about the unique skills that introverts bring to sales. If you are an introverts and think there are limits to what you can do, or if you are an extrovert and think that all prospective clients like cheerful chatty handshaking, both sets of people will learn a thing or two today.

It was interesting that at least a 1/3 or more of the population is introverts, and a large portion of the CEOs are too!

Sales People Aren’t Born, They are Made

  • Anyone can be an amazing sales man, if they stay true to themselves
  • Sales is not just for people “Born To Sales”
  • Doesn’t like chit chat
  • Plans for every meeting, does homework on prospects
  • When working a conference or networking he prepares to meet a few people
  • Needs time to recharge
  • Questionnaire on his website …. which kinds of sales person are you?
  • 33-50% of US introverts.  Sales teams need introverts.
  • Need to adjust to your client
  • NLP can use used for influence, manipulating people to trick answers out of people. But …. great sales is win-win.
  • If you have passion about your business… you must show it!
  • Introverts will not sell stuff if they don’t believe in it.

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Alen Mayer Biography

Alen Mayer, aka Chief Sales Introvert, is a trusted coach and mentor to introverted business people. He helps leaders enlarge their circles by involving introverts more and tap into their team members’ individual strengths to increase their results.
Alen is an introvert too. He is a newly appointed President of the Sales Association Ontario Chapter and President of the International Association of NLP Sales Professionals; he was voted #2 on the list of Top 50 Most Influential People in Sales Lead Management in 2013; one of the Top 25 Sales Influencers for 2012, published author of 6 sales titles, including “Selling for Introverts” and“Cold Calling for Introverts” (both books available on Amazon and on Alen’s award-winning website:

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