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DUM Sales Qualification Questions – Anniversary Episode #155

DUM Sales Qualification QuestionsThe DUM Sales Qualification Questions

This is the third anniversary special episode and we take up where we left off with the SORT episode . They say there is no such thing as a dum questios. Not true!  Today we learn some DUM questions and they are very smart.

Here are the seven questions to find out if your prospects VALUE your product. Find the prospects in your suspects.

SORT Questions

First we did a refresher from Episode 99 on the SORT method of sales qualification.  These questions will discover your prospect’s  challenges, pain and desires.

  • Story questions
  • Obstacles questions
  • Ramification questions
  • Transformation questions

Prospects who pass these questions understand the value of your product or service. Alas, they may still be unqualified to buy. We need to go a step further to see if they have what it takes to make a buying choice.

DUM Questions

They say there’s no such things as a DUM question. Not true. We have three questions and they’re really SMART.

  • Decision questions
  • Urgency questions
  • Money questions

Not only does your prospect understand the value of your product, but they also have the money, desire and ability to make a wise decision.

Stop Wasting Time

Some people are NEVER going to buy.  Sort them out and save time focusing on QUALIFIED clients only.

Where to Find the SORT and DUM Sales Qualification Questions

Download the study guide “Find The Itch Before You Pitch” here.

There are daily postings on the private Sales Babble Facebook Group.  Got  a question or comment send me an email or call 630-768-3134

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