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Don’t Be Afraid to Sell an Interview with Andy Rudin

andy rudinOur  guest in this episode is Andy Rudin, a  Managing Principal of Contrary Domino Inc.  Andy is a long time sales professional who helps B2B companies identify, assess, and manage a broad spectrum of revenue risks.

Today he explains why it’s important to embrace sales and don’t be afraid to sell!

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Selling is Not a Bad Thing!

Andy states a number of times in the episode  to stop selling the wrong way. But don’t stop selling. No commercial enterprise has been successful long term without being really good at persuading prospects to buy.

He feels sellers hear to often to  not be pushy, to listen and be helpful. But he believes at some time you need to sell. No sales professional gets an award for being the most helpful. The ones that win, have the most sales.

Drawing upon his background as a  technology sales strategist, marketer, account executive, and product manager we discuss:

  • The need to  embrace selling  but selling perfected.
  • Selling is not a bad thing, Don’t sell in a bad way.
  • Selling is used with the same taint as stealing. It’s not!
  • What you want and what you get during a sale is two different things: Shoulds don’t count, perception is the reality

When it comes to new sales we chuckled  how “experience is something you get after you need it”.   Unfortunately this is so true.

BANT Qualification Process

We defined the BANT qualification process:

  • B  Budget
  • A Authority
  • N Need
  • T Timing

These are items sellers need to quickly find answers. This data let’s you  know if the lead is indeed a prospect of interest. Before entering a sales call, qualify prospects to see if indeed they are worth the trouble. If not, you should move along to the next opportunity.


Resources for Revenue Risk Management

In this episode Andy offered a free revenue risk management  self audit. This can be used to see if  you’ll make your revenue targets:

Learn More

Have you had a chance to review the 20 Selling Secrets For Success?   Click the link and find advice that will help your sales, today!


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