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Sales Advice from a Dating Coach with Myke Macapinlac #50

Dating Coach Myke MacapinlacSales Advice from a Dating Coach

  • In  this episode we meet Myke Macapinlac a digital marketing professional turned dating coach.  Myke is the owner of  the Social Man Project.   Today we talk how the success of connecting with a prospective  client or mate is dependent on how much you can put into the initial conversation.

Myke shares his thoughts on mindset, limiting beliefs and skills that are directly applicable in any sales situation.

Sales Advice When First Meeting Prospects

Myke’s clients commonly have 3 issues:

  1. They don’t think they’re good enough.
  2. They have approach anxiety  when first starting to connect.
  3. They are fumbling what to say, asking  a bunch of dead-end questions putting all the responsibility on the prospect.

Dating advice is spot on for the sales too

  • When you first meet up with someone, don’t make it sound salesy,
  • He uses pattern interrupt to disarm the listener.
  • Let’s say you’re following up on a business card:
    • Instead of calling them up and interrogating with a 100 questions
    • Say  Hi this Jack, it’s Pat, if you recall we met at the XYZ Meetup last week. They had those great little cheese cracker things we both loved remember?
    • Jack probably doesn’t remember you, but the conversation doesn’t sound like a sales call at first so he is intrigued so when you eventually share the reason you’re calling him he will be much more open to listening how you might be able to help him.

Myke Macapinlac Contact Information

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