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Kaizen Health The Birth of a Technology Startup #154

Kaizen Health with Mindi KnebelKaizen Health The Birth of a Technology Startup #154

Today we meet Mindi Knebel, CEO of Kaizen Health.  Kaizen Health is a technology startup  that merges the advances in ride-sharing (Lyft and Uber) with the challenges of getting patients to their medical appointments.  Kaizen Health hosted a launch at 1871 in the Merchandise Mart in Chicago. Sales Babble attended the launch, with a microphone!  

In this episode we meet the staff of Kaizen Health and hear the story of the birth of this technology startup. 

Bunker Labs

Mindi’s company works out of Bunker Labs, an incubator focused on helping veterans launch new ventures.  Mindi partners with her father who is a veteran.  Last spring our host attended a pitch fest at Bunker Labs (see How To Pitch a Startup here) to witness the first time Mindi presenting Kaizen Health.  She knocked it out of the park and won the Bunker competition in July 2016. 

Launch Party

Pat recorded this live with the help of his wife (shout out to Denise!) at the Kaizen Health launch party.

  1. Mindi talks about Kaizen and how it got started
  2. We meet Jim Knebel of business development and former colleague
  3. Next we  meet Rey Shallwani of Client Solutions who discussed the challenges of building a business
  4. Later we visit meet two representatives  of Mount Sinai Hospital of the beta clients, Care Manager Nurse  Lilian Davis  and Care Manager Nurse Kim Rees-Parham.
  5. Jim talks about the complexities of automating a process with insurance companies
  6. Lastly we  heard advice on startups (See below).

Sales Advice for Technology Startups

In the interview the staff recommended entrepreneurs to:

  • Draw upon your network to learn the market
  • Draw upon your network to find beta clients
  • Listen to your beta customers and draw upon their experiences
  • Be passionate about your mission, investors will follow

How to Find Kaizen Health

You can find Kaizen and staff at:

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