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How To Generate Leads with Relationship Selling with Michael Ross

how to generate leads with relationship sellingHow To Generate Leads with Relationship Selling with Michael Ross

Today we meet a seller in the trenches. Michael Ross is a business owner, sales manager and sales guy who believes that relationships are the bridges where value is transferred. In this episode Michael shares practical advice on who, what, where and how to connect with others in the marketplace. Michael has just published his second book “A Clear View” and today he’s going to share concrete advice on how to generate leads with relationship selling .

Bringing value to the marketplace

You want to make money. That’s the goal of business. But you want to help people along the way.  How can we do this?Answer the following:

1. What is your target market?
2. Who should you reach out in that market who has influence?
3. Who can you partner in the market to mutually help one another?

Michael share the Zig Ziglar quote:

“If you help enough other people get what they want about of life, they will help you get what you want out of life.”

This is so true. Move from a getting standpoint to a giving standpoint.

How To Generate Leads

Start with local meetups. Pick a vertical market and find out where they hangout. e.g. credit union summits for IT services  as a sponsor or vendor.  Ask good quality questions. You will find two types of people: the qualified and the not qualified. Ask questions about the business, staffing, what’s working, what’s not.  If you meet someone in person try  to get them on the calendar ASAP.

J Abrams  the king marketer says that most businesses undersell their clients by 65%. Ask for recommendations and introductions. Don’t hesitate to ask your circle of influence to help you. They too can show you how to generate leads with relationship selling.

Social Selling for Lead Generation

Marketing campaigns should be tied around social media. Cold calling gives you self-efficacy, confidence, and gives you progress  forward.  If I can do this now, you can do it later. Address your fears and prove you can do more in the future. Note that Social selling conversion rate is very very low. Meeting people creates conversions, visibility and trust.

He quotes Tom Hopkins…

“you’re job is to alleviate pressure.”

Michael’s not meeting with people just to sell a product, but to build relationships that can create greater opportunities.  Be intentional how you connect with people. Virtual relationships have their limits

Take Action Advice

Focus on activity over “sales”. Take an analytic perspective e.g. 10 appointments for 2 closed sales. Focus on the 10, not the 2. Do the best job you can and you’ll like the results. Process not Results.

How To Find Michael Ross

You can find Michael on the web:

If you send an email, with “Pat Helmers” in the subject line

Two booksOvercoming the Character Deficit” (synopsis on lack of character in society) or “A Clear View” (on self image) for guidance on how to generate leads with relationship selling.

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