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How To Schedule Sales Appointments with Automated Emails with Neil Kristianson #157

Neil Kristianson Automated EmailHow To Schedule Sales Appointments with Automated Emails

In this episode returning guest Neil Kristianson shares his automated email expertise. How many times have you walked away from a networking event or a conference with a truckload  of business cards wondering how you’re going to follow up? Neil tells us exactly what to do to keep those leads warm and convert them into an appointments with automated emails. 

 Problems With Follow Up

People collect leads at an event. Then they struggle with what to do with them. Maybe they send an email, maybe two. But that’s the national average. Studies say you need to follow up at least 8 times before you can convert a lead to a conversation.

Things you must do:

  • Get them out of social media into a place you can control. Create your own email list.
  • Prospects read their email.  You’re not at risk of losing them like you do with your FB or LI account.
  • Email is easier to follow up with vs a social media venue.
  • Don’t add them to your generic blog list without permission.
  • Ask permission by giving tips on your topic. Get them to put themselves on your email list.
  • Let them download something of value.

Email systems are all permission based. Don’t buy a list and just add them. That’s a No No!

Gmail  canned response

Use this for the first email you send to your prospect.

How To Use Gmail Canned Responses


Engaging Email Keeps Prospect Warm

You must get people to interact with your emails. Google looks at the behavior of the readers of your email. If they are not opened, you will be moved to the promotions tab.

  • Plain text emails are more likely to be opened then fancy pretty emails. Google prefer genuine authentic emails.
  • Create a welcome series of 5 – 7 emails.
  • Each email should talk about one thing. There should be 1 call to action. Don’t confuse the reader. Focus on the core thing.
  • Have a story… Email #1 What’s your problem, #2  the issues you face, #3 solutions they can use.
  • Create Lead Magnets: Downloads, video, free consulting call, etc…..
  • Email has two games…. a short term sell and a long term nurture.

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