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Take Command of the New LinkedIn User Interface with Brynne Tillman #151

Take Command of the New LinkedIn User Interface

In this episode we dig into the new LinkedIn user interface.   To acquires some insight in this new user interface a past guest immediately came to mind. Brynne Tillman transforms the way professionals grow their business by leveraging LinkedIn and Social Selling. In this episode Brynne walks us through a profile and points out what’s changed, what’s stayed the same and actionable things you can to grow your social selling skills.

Visual Examples of the New Linkedin User Interface

Brynne use her profile and step-by-step we walked through the new LinkedIn user interface.

  • Desktop interface mimics mobile app
  • Most functionality still exists, just in a different place
  • Click the show more at the right for phone numbers, websites, emails etc….

  • Advanced searches and saved searches have been removed
  • Boolean searches still work in LinkedIn.




  • Posts from your home page cannot be cross posted across LinkedIn groups. You can share with people.
  • To share and cross post content across LinkedIn groups, you will need to create a LinkedIn Pulse article. From there you can share across groups.
  • The Microsoft acquisition probably had nothing to do with this new interface
  • The order of your profile is locked in place.
  • The summary is only two lines, you must click  on “more to read” thus it must be optimized for a “Call To Read” to create interest in the reader (potential employer, client, or partner).

  • The job description is now the hot spot for describing yourself. I must speak about your clients experience. Include philosophy and deliverables.
  • Your job description must convey your value. Answer the question why would someone hire you.
  • Only the top 3 skills now show up.
  • People can only endorse you skills you recommend.

  • Recommendations still exist and can be sorted by you. Place the best ones on top.


  • Accomplishments are still in your profile. However only one shows in full. You have to click see more to review the rest.


  • The banner on the desktop is shared with mobile, but make sure it looks good in both situations.

Why LinkedIn is Relevant

Each LinkedIn profile is a micro webpage for all employees in an organization. The goal is to get buyers to raise their hand and reach out. You may not prospect but your buyers will search for you. Don’t leave money on the table!

Permission Based Selling


  • Warm up people buy connecting on LinkedIn
  • Always provide value
  • If you set up a call to share insights, add value. Don’t sell them.
  • The first call don’t pitch
  • Qualify them on the call, to see if you can provide killer insights
  • Close is to recap the value you gave them. Tell them you some more insights, ask permission to share (may need another call). Now you’re getting them ready for the pitch


 Take Action Advice

When asked what you can do to take action this week, Brynne was quick to answer:

  1. Don’t be afraid to play with the new LinkedIn. You won’t break it.
  2. Build a playbook for want you want to do with your profile before starting to update.

How To Find Brynne Tillman

Brynne mentioned two articles she authored in LinkedIn Pulse regarding the new LinkedIn User Interface:

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