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Myths on Social Selling with Mark Hunter #142

mark-hunter-myths-on-social-sellingMyths on Social Selling with  Mark Hunter

In this episode we meet Mark Hunter the author of the new book High Profit Selling.  Mark discusses the myths on social selling and practical things you can do to get social and connect deeply with a half dozen prospects and close them. Mark is a master at prospecting with a wealth of advice.

Skeptical on Social Selling?

The myths on Social Selling is built on first creating content, publishing it and then waiting for leads to flow into your sales funnel. Mark famously says, “You can’t eat click and likes.”  So true!

High profit sales is about connecting one-on-one with a few prospects. It’s more productive to work a few qualified prospects versus a hundred leads. Mark made some important points debunking the myths on social selling:

  • Your passion must be to help others see and achieve what they didn’t think was possible. That was the theme of last weeks episode when we talked about how master sellers have HEAT.  H is Helpful.
  • Your job is to bring prospects information they can’t find on the internet. If they can find it online, they don’t need you.  Your buyers need an advocate.
  • If you can get prospects to say “That’s a good question” you’re on the right track to connecting. Every conversation with a prospect must add value.
  • Few sellers have the fortitude to keep following up. Trying once or twice is not enough. People are busy, keep calling and sharing that you have some insights you think can help their business.
  • Use voice mail to share your message. Consider each voice mail a billboard. You only have a few seconds of their time to get your message across. When they are ready, they’ll connect.

Mark said it doesn’t matter what you sell, what matters is your desire to help. This is a reoccurring mantra here at Sales Babble.

Cold Call Script

Mark shared a great non-pushy cold call script:
Hi Pat, this is Mark Hunter. I have some great insights on what’s happening next year in Chicago in the business community. Give me a buzz 4024452110 Mark Hunter 4024452110. Thanks. 

Where To Find Mark Hunter

You can find Mark and his books here:

How to Prospect and Generate Leads Using Social Selling

As mentioned in the podcast, Social Selling has been a hot topic for quite some time. Here are some episodes that can help you better leverage social media and connect with prospects.

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