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How Listening Can Electrify a Prospect’s Desire to Buy with Jim Brown #163

Jim Brown Sales BabbleHow Listening Can Electrify a Prospect’s Desire to Buy with Jim Brown #163

Jim Brown is business consultant and host of the Sales Tuners podcast. Jim is a former marine and graphic designer turned entrepreneur. In this episode Jim addresses the common unwillingness of sellers to authentically listen. Prospects do not want to hear how you’re stuff is the very best. They could care less. Prospects only care about themselves and the problems sitting on their desks, email inboxes and voicemails. Unless you can address the visceral issues they’re facing today, you will rarely make a sale. Jim gives us practical advice on how to create a pre-call plan.The plan will guide you to listen and discover what truly matters to your prospect. This is practical advice on how  listening can electrify a prospect’s desire to buy.

Sales Challenge, Seller are Unwilling to Listen

The inability to listen is the biggest challenge sellers face. After asking a question they are not listening. Instead they are forming the next question, or start pitching a solution. They are waiting for an opportunity to talk. Insead, listen for their needs and desires.

Question to Ask:

“By the end of the day what are the top three things you want to get out of this meeting?”

You will hear the reason they want to buy. e.g they have a UI issue. What pain is that causing them? etc….   Uncover the emotional reason for the pain. What does this real pain generate in their lives.  Common pains include:

  • Too much time
  • Too expensive
  • Too emotionally draining

People will tell you everything you need to know.  Listening can electrify a prospect’s desire to buy. Get them to discover your benefits and sells themselves.

Tactical Listening with a Pre-Call Plan

Have Pre Call Plan that you’ve constructed ahead of time.  Things it should contain include:

  1. Put all the questions together before the call.
  2. Pain Indicators listed (see examples above)
  3. Play Dumb when they tell you their pains… ask how it effects their business.

It’s not things in life you don’t know will kill you, it’s the things you think you know that just aren’t so.  Therefore you will never get anything in life unless you ask for it. Start asking

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