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Flawless Follow Up with Steve Rosenbaum #162

Steve-Rosenbaum-Sales-MarketingFlawless Follow Up with Steve Rosenbaum #162

In this episode the original backend specialist Steve Rosenbaum joins us to discuss the importance of flawless follow up.  Steve walks us through a simple 5 step process that generates leads, gives you an advantage, filters out unqualified prospects and nurtures a conversation that stimulates interest.  Steve  is a boat load of fun and informative to boot.  I’ve been interviewed on Steve’s podcast, Back End Conversions and Marketing  and I’m excited to have Steve on Sales Babble too.

Backend Conversion Specialist

Steve calls himself the original backend specialist, a term he coined working with his first client   In his mind he’s all about the process AFTER you get a lead. It’s at the backend where you qualify, nurture, and build a relationship.

Differentiation – too many marketing firms focus on the front end e.g FB ads, SEO, Social media etc… Steve focuses on the backend. This is where you close sales.

Flawless Follow Up Process

Steve walked us through a 5 step process (starting with step 3, what a wiseguy).   Its goals is to work with prospects at  the Right Time, Right Place, with the Right Message.

#1 Grow Your Connections: Build a following, build a list. You can cast a wide net if you know your audience
#2 Capture Home Field Advantage: Move your audience to your email list. Get them away from LinkedIn or other social media venue.
#3 Filter for qualified leads: Ignite interest with an email that sparks interest “Are you looking for A B or C?”
#4 Ignite the relationship: Put hurdles in front of people  to stay on your list. This way they will self qualify.
#5 Follow Up Forever: and ever, and ever, and ever …..

This system was designed to improve Steve’s odds of putting himself in a lucky situation again. Frequent follow up creates opportunity. Prospects are not going to remember  that they’v once talked to you.  Don’t expect to hear from them on their own. They’re not going to call you back. YOU need to take the lead and keep following up. Remind them. When you remind them always Entertain, educate and engage. This makes sales go up!

Take Action Advice

Follow Steve’s 5 steps to the letter! Start at step 3. If you’re having conversations everyday the timing is going to work.

How To Connect With Steve Rosenbaum
Direct phone: 512-553-5154
skype: stephen.j.rosenbaum

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