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Give to Get Marketing with Ray Wood #159

Ray Wood Sales and MarketingGive to Get Marketing with Ray Wood #159

In this episode we meet Ray Wood, the founder of   LockedOn  a new tech startup that has created an app for real estate agents. Ray has expertly used marketing to drive sales by using what he calls a Give To Get Marketing process. Ray tells the story how he built his Tribe and shares with us his 6 step process for writing marketing copy that persuasively gets prospects to take action.

Why Build a Tribe

Build a tribe of people who you can serve and add value. These are your future clients. Ray started to use technology to keep prospects warm. In the world of real estate, many deals demand a long sales cycle. Growing know, like, trust is much easier by sending out periodic emails and warm calling every so often.  He believes you should warm call with news, versus just checking in. This is a case  of giving first, before asking, or give to get marketing.

Using Technology to Enhance Sales

Too often sales people are winging it with no more than a list of prospects in Outlook. When working a large number of deals, use technology to keep track of each opportunity. CRMs, especially those that are custom designed for your industry, are critical to keep on top of prospects and sales that have a long sales cycle. That’s why Ray started LockedOn.

Copywriting Formula

Ray shared his 6 step handy dandy copywriting formula for the listeners.

  1. Interest grabbing headline (can be used as a subject line in an email or heading in a piece of copy).
  2. Stir up and aggravate statement – create an emotional experience around their pain or desires.
  3. Solve the problem statement- show how you can take away their pain or fulfill their desire.
  4. Prove it with a testimonial – reference happy customers with direct quotes. Use people prospects can identify themselves.
  5. Call to Action – ask the prospect to do something, call, email, click on a button to advance the sale.
  6. PS – Always have a final statement that repeats the call to action.

How to Find Ray Wood

You can find Ray Wood all over the internet:

This is the LockedOn App 

Here is the Working From Roam eBook.  (Tools and Resources Guide) More info at
And here is the eBook version of How To Sell Your Home For More. More info a
Twitter: @raywoodlive

Download Find The Itch Before You Pitch Study Guide

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2 Responses to Give to Get Marketing with Ray Wood #159

  1. Ray April 18, 2017 at 6:33 am #

    Hey Pat. This interview was so much fun. Thanks for having me a guest… I really love your interview style. Congrats on the success of Warm regards, Ray

    • Pat April 20, 2017 at 2:54 pm #

      It was an honor to have you on the podcast Ray. Let’s stay connected.

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