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Master the Art of Closing the Sale with Ben Brown#161

Ben Brown Sales Author and Coach

Master the Art of Closing the Sale

A Game Changing 10 Step Sales Process for Getting More Clients and Referrals

In this episode we discuss the importance of having a repeatable sales process. Our guest Ben Brown has just published a book titled “Master the Art of Closing the Sale – The Game-Changing 10-Step Sales Process for Getting More Clients and Referrals”.  In our conversation we walk through each of these steps with Ben sharing concrete advice on how you can apply this process to your business.

Front Loading the Sales Process

Ben’s 10 steps consists of a front loading  sales process which makes the entire sale more efficient. The sooner you can qualify and discover what your prospect values, the sooner you can discern if you should pitch them, or give them a pitch.

Download Find The Itch Before You Pitch 

10 Step Sales Process 

When closing a sale Ben shared the following process. We walked through it step by step with examples.

  1. Get Prepared – be mentally prepared when you start your day.
  2. Research and Relate – do your homework and know your prospects.
  3. Qualify Potential Customers – don’t waste time with people who will never buy.
  4. Find an Emotional Trigger to Persuade – people are more likely motivated by emotion vs logic.
  5. Setup the Offer – repeat back the issues and desires to reinforce need.
  6. Present the Offer – build rapport buying signals and build yes patterns. The presentation could be 5 minutes or 30 minutes. It depends. Give them what the need, not what you want to present.
  7. Close on Product Concept – does this solve the problem does it sound like the way you want to go?
  8. Ask For the Sale-  “are you ready to move forward?”
  9. Ask For the Money –  ” what credit card do you want to put this on.”
  10. Ask for Referrals

How To Find Ben Brown

360 Sales Consulting specializes in sales training and coaching for small business and entrepreneurs who need help with their sale process. Ben has a proven method of the sales process and can provide analysis of the current method to see where improvements need to be added.
Twitter   @team360sales

What are the Sales Process Steps

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