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How To Generate Leads without Sales and Marketing with John Tripolsky #191

John Tripolsky Sales Babble Advice Generate Leads without Sales and MarketingHow To Generate Leads without Sales and Marketing with John Tripolsky #191

In this episode we meet John Tripolsky, CEO of JTE Marketing. John shares his process to generate leads through a referral process. When starting John had neither  marketing nor a sales staff. Instead he leveraged his existing network to find qualified prospects and generate leads. It worked and this is how to generate leads without sales and marketing!

Hire a Team Without Hiring

The JTE Marketing earned its first two clients from friends and family. They repeated the process by working networking meetings. John kept attending and connected with five people. From those five they built their portfolio. Building personal relationships is what matters.

John is a strong advocate for LinkedIn. He has 7K connections. Almost all have gotten a personal message welcoming them to connect.   Not everyone is a qualified prospect. Yet all know people who ARE qualified. Referrals come from both existing and non clients

Lead Generation Referral Process

  1. Use the three letter word “ask”    Sit down and casually start… “let’s talk about XYZ …..”
  2. He then asks…. “Do you know anyone I could talk too? “
  3. Next he asks … “Would you introduce me? Would you send an introduction email?”
  4. Share “I would love to talk to them and pick their brain about …. “
  5. Once you get the lead follow up … “John Smith recommended I give you a call…”
  6. Lastly asks if they would be open to personally set down and chat for 10 minutes. In person

This is how you learn about a market and it’s nomenclature. It’s also solid advice on how to generate leads without sales and marketing. This process is great news for startups!

A Watershed Deal

After a terrific presentation he was asked for a proposal. He had no idea what to do but eventually created an order form. It was not pretty. Since he’s a marketing company, he believed this poorly represented the company. He made it beautiful with graphics and brand worthy style.

Make your invoices and quotes BEAUTIFUL!

He recommends Pandadoc 

Having a great proposal maintains the positive feeling that happened at the time of the presentation.

Take Action Advice

Ask……  Make it second nature to make requests of clients and prospects. Get over the hump of shyness. If you never ask you’re never going to get anything from it. Keep forward momentum, embrace lifelong learning and ASK.

Where To Find John Tripolsky

This is the link to the JTE Marketing Group

You can also find John on LinkedIn

How to Prospect and Generate Leads


Repeatable Success for Sales Development Reps with Brendan Barrett #188

Brendan Barrett Sales Babble

Repeatable Success for Sales Development Reps with Brendan Barrett #188


There is a growing trend for companies to separate business development from deal closing. We’re talking about two different people: One person setting up appointments the Sales Development Reps (SDR) and the other is the  closer. In this episode our guest Brendan Barrett and I walk through the SDR process with it’s pros and cons. We do some roleplaying in order to show practical advice for anyone prospecting and trying to set up an appointment.


What and Why an SDR?

SDR stands for Sales Development Reps – appointment setters, prospectors and cold callers.  Brendon calls the the Roller to the Closer .  This is different than the traditional inside sales (an order taker).   This is all outbound sales and Business Development.  They are sometimes called Business Development Reps or BDR.

More efficient for closers, who can be closing deals daily vs spending time in the office setting up their own meetings.

Downside of SDRs.

  • Details get dropped
  • Having a process imperative
  • Communication

What Makes For SDR Success?

  • Entry level position
  • Hungry, coachable, naturally curious

SDR Process

In this section we walked through the SDR process and gave practical examples for the Listeners.

  1. Create a relationship
    • Use LinkedIn to prospect
    • Reach out to sescretary
    • Take 2-5 touches to get a meeting
  2. Create a dialogue (conversation)
    • “I’m looking for people who set up your brown bag discussions
    • “I saw your post on LinkedIn and I’m curious about it …..
    • Could be set up on Facebook, Messenger, LinkedIn or email
    • Always wish somebody a good day, that opens up people
  3. Qualify
    • Prospecting is market research
    • Some deals take years, hand off slow deals to marketing to keep them warm
    • Laws of attraction applies by showing interest. Create curiosity, get them to ask you about you
    • Be skeptical, don’t assume they are qualified
    • Ideally you want them to see the value and self qualify
  4. Win permission to sell
    • Make a phone call about them
    • “How was the weekend, what do you have going on this week
    • If you met at a conference, start there, “what’s your next conference on your calendar
  5. Introduction to Closer
    • Sounds like we could work with you well but I’m not the right person

Take Action Advice

Nice guys win and smarter guys win more!

Be helpful!

How To Find Brendan Barrett

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How to Prospect and Generate Leads

Other great episodes on business development. Listen today!




7 LinkedIn Strategies for Generating Qualified Leads with Janis Pettit #176

Janis Pettit Sales Babble

7 LinkedIn Strategies for Generating Qualified Leads with Janis Pettit

If you’re running out of leads, this week’s episode is exactly what you need. Janis Pettit is an expert on the new LinkedIn interface. Today  we dig in and uncover 7 LinkedIn strategies for generating qualified leads. Janis takes us from setting up your profile, finding prospects, connecting, engaging,  moving them to a webinar presentation and on your email list. Not only does this work, but you can do the same thing on Facebook . Of course this assumes that’s where you’re prospect hang out! Stop the cold cold calling and start leveraging social media today!

Lead Generation Today

When it comes to B2B sales and marketing,  LinkedIn is the bomb. 41% millionaires are on LinkedIn with the  average income at $75K.  Members of LinkedIn are buyers. Janis gave us 7 strategies to turn those buyers, into prospects.

  1. Make sure your LinkedIn profiles clearly states who your are. Only  focus on people who have issues that you can provide solutions.
  2. Identify your ideal prospect, find them using advanced search, send a note to connect. Expect 40% will accept. Once they accept, engage them in a conversation and ask a strategic question.
  3. Keep track of your messaging in your CRM. This engagement can take weeks per prospect. Stay organized and follow up.
  4. Find active groups and become visible by offering valuable content.  Janis gave an example of an eBook she authored. Cross post on your “status update” on LinkedIn.
  5. When people view your status update, reach out to them and connect.
  6. Create a high converting funnel, get their email and place it on an email list. From that list offer webinars to engage and convert them into clients.
  7. Work on it 30 minutes a day

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Facebook for Prospecting

The above process can be used on Facebook too. It’s all dependent on the market niche you serve. If you’re interested in:

  • restaurants
  • retail
  • small businesses

How to Find Janis Pettit

Janis can be found at her company  Small Business, Big Results

Get a free copy of her eBook “How to Get More Business Leads From The New LinkedIn” to LinkedIn Strategies for Generating Qualified Leads

Connect with her on Facebook

Connect with her on LinkedIn 

Slidebean Examples Created for Sales Babble

As I mentioned here are  couple slide decks that I created for two Sales Babble presentations. Enjoy!

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Why Qualifying Prospects is Like Selling To Zebras with Jeff Koser #171

Why Qualifying Prospects is Like Selling To Zebras with Jeff Koser #170

Our guest today is Jeff Koser, author of the book “Selling to Zebras”.  Jeff believes that good prospects should be as easy to spot as a zebra. Far too many sellers have no idea what problems they solve for their clients.  They can’t distinguish a hot prospect from zoo animal. That’s the topic for today and what you can do know your perfect client and get results.

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What’s a Zebra?

If you don’t know your ideal client (your Zebra),  sales, business development and marketing are going to be misaligned. Nor will you be able to connect with Power, what Jeff calls the sole person who can decide to buy without checking the budget. The goal here is to only be selling to zebras.

Sales Process

Build your Zebra – Define your ideal client and design your avatar. Use
7 attributes, score each attribute 0-4 with  red yellow green. The high score is 28

  • 0-16 is in the red (you’re never going to make the sales)
  • 17-22 is in yellow (you’re deal is in trouble, you’re not selling to zebras)
  • 23-28 is in green (you’ve earned the right to ask for the business)
Zebra Attributes
  1. organizational profile
  2. operations
  3. power
  4. funding
  5. value
  6. technology
  7. service

Voice of the Customer – find the person who can buy without a budget. Discover THEIR problem and solve it. Power focuses on cost avoidance. Ask your current customers what problem you solved when they came on board. Find out what value you bring. Build a business case why someone should buy from you

Business Case – the Value Proposition. This process forces you to do your homework. Identify why they are your zebra, you’ve build a business case for your product, now you can frame your product in Power’s context.

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How to Find Jeff Koser

Jeff’s company is Selling To Zebras:

Take Action Advice

Don’t give up. If you have a dream the single biggest difference between succeeding and failing is your willing to continue to persevere.

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Ideal Clients, Avatars and Value Proposition Examples

Here are past episode you just might find addicting. Grow your sales today!


7 Healthy Phone Habits to Get First Meetings with Marylou Tyler #150

7 Healthy Phone Habits to Get First Meetings #150

In this episode we talk about one of the most powerful selling tools you have  in your command, the telephone. Unfortunately too many sellers are ineffective using the phone for their prospecting efforts. Our guest is Marylou Tyler. She’s an expert in managing call centers and setting up efficient processes to maximize phone call success. Marylou is the author of the recently released book Predictable Prospecting. In this episode she shares the 7 healthy phone habits you need to get first meetings.

How To Generate High Quality Leads

Marylou believes you should adhere to a  method to generate high quality leads. For starters, she recommends you first schedule a block of time. This will get you into the calling mindset. A block of time allows you to be prepared for the conversation and advance the sale.

  1. Set a call objective for every call you do.  Set primary and secondary call objectives e.g gathering intelligence or setting up a meeting. Having an objective creates focus.
  2. Your tone of voice. Studies show that for compelling calls, 75% of the call is based on how you say it, versus 25% is the words.
  3. Use positive language. The Midwest is a permission based place. You must frame conversations positively: “oh I’m so sorry to keep you waiting”.  Negative language does not perform as well positive.
  4. Create a winning opener to get your foot in the door. Imply you have a right to be there. The opener should have an explicit or implicit referral.
    1. “Good morning Jackie, John recommended I give you a call. Our XYZ product caught his attention and he thought you might feel the same ”  Explicit
    2. “Hello Jackie, I see your CEO is interested in the XYZ initiative in a magazine article” Implicit
  5. Craft a interest grabbing statement.  Use words like “maximize , grow, reduce, minimize….” The goal is to  grab their interest and share a result. Build a script and memorize it.
  6. Know what questions ask.  Focus on  implication questions. Write them down and have them readily available. Don’t let executives disconcert you. Have the mindset that you’re a business executive too and equal to a CEO .  When you ask  questions it tells the prospect you are truly interested in understanding their problem.
  7. Love your objections. These are the reason prospects want to buy from you. Objections lead to the greater pain point.

Bonus Habit      Always have a reason to call. Set a goal to talk to 20 companies in a  2 hour time span and generate  4-5 meaningful conversations.  Full sales cycle sales reps should target two,  2-hour blocks per week. If you’re inside sales, it’s all day long.

Take Action Advice

Embrace habit. Create a space for repeatable work.  Set a time and you will succeed.

How To Connect with Mary Lour Tyler

How to Prospect and Generate Leads

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Myths on Social Selling with Mark Hunter #142

mark-hunter-myths-on-social-sellingMyths on Social Selling with  Mark Hunter

In this episode we meet Mark Hunter the author of the new book High Profit Selling.  Mark discusses the myths on social selling and practical things you can do to get social and connect deeply with a half dozen prospects and close them. Mark is a master at prospecting with a wealth of advice.

Skeptical on Social Selling?

The myths on Social Selling is built on first creating content, publishing it and then waiting for leads to flow into your sales funnel. Mark famously says, “You can’t eat click and likes.”  So true!

High profit sales is about connecting one-on-one with a few prospects. It’s more productive to work a few qualified prospects versus a hundred leads. Mark made some important points debunking the myths on social selling:

  • Your passion must be to help others see and achieve what they didn’t think was possible. That was the theme of last weeks episode when we talked about how master sellers have HEAT.  H is Helpful.
  • Your job is to bring prospects information they can’t find on the internet. If they can find it online, they don’t need you.  Your buyers need an advocate.
  • If you can get prospects to say “That’s a good question” you’re on the right track to connecting. Every conversation with a prospect must add value.
  • Few sellers have the fortitude to keep following up. Trying once or twice is not enough. People are busy, keep calling and sharing that you have some insights you think can help their business.
  • Use voice mail to share your message. Consider each voice mail a billboard. You only have a few seconds of their time to get your message across. When they are ready, they’ll connect.

Mark said it doesn’t matter what you sell, what matters is your desire to help. This is a reoccurring mantra here at Sales Babble.

Cold Call Script

Mark shared a great non-pushy cold call script:
Hi Pat, this is Mark Hunter. I have some great insights on what’s happening next year in Chicago in the business community. Give me a buzz 4024452110 Mark Hunter 4024452110. Thanks. 

Where To Find Mark Hunter

You can find Mark and his books here:

How to Prospect and Generate Leads Using Social Selling

As mentioned in the podcast, Social Selling has been a hot topic for quite some time. Here are some episodes that can help you better leverage social media and connect with prospects.


How to Power Prospect with LinkedIn Groups with Liam Austin #135

Liam Austin LinkedIn ExpertHow to Power Prospect with LinkedIn Groups with Liam Austin

Our guest today is Liam Austin from the LinkedIn Success Summit and owner of the Small Business Network LinkedIn group. His group is focused on connecting and networking entrepreneurs in small business. With over 400 million members LinkedIn is the number one social media site for business professionals. In this episode we talk about how you can engage in LinkedIn groups and ways to power prospect and generate new leads.

Why Join a LinkedIn Group

You can join up to 50 LinkedIn groups to power prospect. There are many  benefits being partof a group. Liam recommends that you:

  • When you join give value and earn credibility
  • Look for  potential partners, colleagues and even prospective clients
  • When you do join, don’t SPAM
  • Seek people asking questions and looking for help, and then give them help
  • Build relationships by creating a real conversation
  • Once you get to know a prospect,  it’s much easier to reach out and connect

LinkedIn Profile Intel

When first scouting out a prospect, do the following:

  • Look at their profile
  • Look at their engagement
  • Comment on their recent activity
  • See if they fit your market niche
  • Only focus on qualified prospects
  • Use the  advanced search tool. It’s great for finding those similar to your current best clients
  • After commenting,  reach out and connect

Connect Request

Once you have a prospective client on your radar:

  • Click on their profile
  • Author a personalized message
  • Mention previous conversations you’ve had
  • Explain the benefit you might be able to add
  • Once you get a response, ask to meet in person or on the phone

How To Connect with Liam Austin

You can find Liam across social media.

Sales Babble LinkedIn Group

This is the group I spoke about in this episode. Join us!

Social Selling

Here are some past episodes providing terrific social selling advice!


How to Sell Big Clients and Win Tremendous Deals with Melinda Chen #114

Melinda Chen Sales TrainerHow to Sell Big Clients and Win Tremendous Deals with Melinda Chen

In this episode we meet Melinda Chen, the founder of  Women Making Big Sales. We talk about how to sell big clients and win tremendous deals.  Melinda Chen is a sales executive and trainer with 15 years of experience and 8-figures of sales track record.

She specializes helping entrepreneurs sell to “hard-to-access” decision makers,i.e. how to sell big clients.

Why You Should Sell To Big Clients

Everyone should look to earn big clients. Why?  They are more loyal given they are more stable. Small clients can go out of business. The revenue to cost ratio is better. For the same amount of work, you can earn greater sales. It’s easier to grow business with large clients. 

Big Client Sales Process

Melinda recommends that you

  1. Find a quick win by targeting the right big client. Focus on a small pool of prospective clients. Find a urgent value proposition.
  2. Establish a contact by looking for connecting person i.e., trusted advisers who are outside of the organization e.g. focus on Incubators, Journalists, Marketing Directors.   Then get referrals and an introduction.   Look for a super connector. Build a connection map.
  3. Close the sale.

2-5 Formula

Melinda believes prospecting can be a process with a formula. First start with two soft contacts from other people. This will take the cold out of the cold call. Then have 5 hard contacts. Make sure that each contact must add value.  Use the urgent value proposition to frame the value. 

How To Find Melinda Chen



Download her  5 Objections to Overcome When Securing Big Clients

Networking Tips

Here are some previous episodes that will aid you on how to sell big clients and win tremendous deals. Good luck!



How To Be An Awesome Sales Professional with Thomas Ellis #102

Thomas Ellis PortraitHow To Be An Awesome Sales Professional with Thomas Ellis

Thomas Ellis, the pleasantly persistent sales coach, returns to Sales Babble to chat about his new book, “How To Be An Awesome Sales Professional in the 21st Century”.  Thomas is a sales management veteran with over 25 years’ experience in coaching, consulting, developing sales personnel and sales managers.  He has worked in  telecom, office products, hospitality, non-profits and a sales adviser for the Bowie Business Incubator in Bowie,  Maryland.

You can find Thomas’s previous episode on

How To Be An Awesome Sales Professional

Effective sales people need to master the basics and close more sales.  Prospect by looking for people that match the profile of your ideal client:

  • Use LinkedIn to create content and become known. This will attract prospects.
  • Find the “triggers” to engage a prospect. e.g. see what they say and do that matches your ideal client
  • When you see the trigger, reach out and see how you can help
  • “How can I help you to achieve you goals…..” is the attitude to have when communicating with your prospects.

How To Overcome the Fear of Sales

Many people fear sales. Here are three tips to overcome sales reluctance.

  • Sales Professionals must passionate and curious
  • Ask prospects probing questions about goals and challenges
  • Always remember, it’s never about you, it’s about your prospect.  How can I help you?

What is the Sales Process?

There are only four steps to the sales process:

  1. Getting to know the customers, build rapport
  2. Qualifying the prospect, understand their needs, how they buy
  3. Gathering information and bringing back a solution/recommendation
  4. Closing the sale

Know where the customer is in the sales process. Then you can advance the sale to the next stage.

  • Have a top of mind strategy, keep them aware of you.
  • Follow up is the secret sauce of success
  • Pleasantly persistent 3 day rule – send an email to remind you.

To find Thomas Ellis

Thomas is a prolific writer on LinkedIn. Don’ miss his articles:

On the web you can find Thomas here:

Free Resource Guide

As mentioned in the podcast, Thomas is offering a free sales resource guide.  You can Download the Ultimate Sales Resource Guide here.

Overcoming Sales Fears

Let’s continue the conversation. You can learn more about overcoming sales reluctance in previous Sales Babble episodes.  Here is just a few that you will find of value. Enjoy!


Sales For Start-ups with Mano Behera

Mano BeheraSales For Start-ups with Mano Behera

In this episode we talk about the many ways the skills of selling can help startups. In this 100th episode we meet Mano Behera, marketing entrepreneur and owner of the Digital Restaurant. Mano shows how he used sales techniques before marketing to understand his ideal client. This entire  episode is focused on sales for start-ups. 

Start-up Business Market Research

  1. Don’t assume, validate
  2. Use sales to validate your assumptions.  
  3. Ask the target market segment:
    1. What are you problems?
    2. What services should I provide that you would value?
    3. Listen and get the answer.

Really listen  well to what they’re saying then create services and products to address their needs.

No Marketing Until Sales

Mano sells marketing services to restaurants. Naturally  he tried marketing before selling his services, but it didn’t work.  Once he started using selling and qualifying questions to understand the restaurants, everything fell into place.

What his study found:  They tried marketing but it didn’t work. They did an unfocused shotgun approach. What they needed was all inclusive marketing plan. That’s what Mano’s Digital Restaurant provides. 

Cold Call  Sales Technique 

This is Mano’s script when he drops by a restaurant in the middle of the day

  • “My name is Mano I have a  background  in restaurants. I worked at McDonald’s for many years  but right now I’m an entrepreneur and I would love to hear what your challenges are.  Based on my experience I should be able to create a solution to boost the number of guests in your restaurant
  • This pitch was  enough for a restaurant owner to say great I’ll give you 15 minutes .  At that meeting  he asks about their marketing challenges and general state of the business. 

Need to show value in 30-90 days

Small restaurants with limited budgets need to see additional traffic, more conversions, more orders quickly. Once you make the sale, it’s time to deliver.

How To Find Mano Behera

Mano Behera | LinkedIn

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