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3 Steps To Start Hyper Connected Selling with David Fisher #129

David Fisher HyperConnected Selling3 Steps To Start Hyperconnected Selling with David Fisher  #129

Today we return to Chicago to meet David Fisher of Rockstar Consulting. David helps people develop their sales skills and build influence.    David is a podcast host trying to bring back the art of conversation to business.  In this episode we discuss hyper connected selling and what you can do  to better leverage the network you already have.

What is Hyper Connected Selling?

Great question.  It’s a combination of social selling, networking, old school communication and sales skills.  The goal is to develop personal influence and build connections.  David believes that relationships are the key to success in sales today.

You may have lots of connections but you don’t need to know them well to leverage value.

David sited the work The Strength of Weak Ties by Mark Granovetter where most people get work from people they know, but they don’t know that well. These people have access to information that can help you. It’s not your best friends, but people you “somewhat” know.

If you have some level of connection, a massive LinkedIn network is not necessary to be successful. Focus on your niche. Once you hit 500 links, the 2nd level has access to 100K+ people. This is probably good enough.  The challenge is how to strengthen the network you already have. Have people introduce you. When you start cold calling, start with the network you have to do research.  Start with  20 great conversations.

Shift in Sales

Before the 90s, the sales person had value for prospects. Now with the information age, prospects can shop and research online without ever talking to a sales professional. Today…. sellers need to be a sherpa for their prospects. Your task is to help them make a better decision.  This builds trust. Only transactional selling has been automated. To be a sales person in 2016 you have to be a consultant.

3 Steps To Start Hyper Connected Selling

  1. Answer the question: What do you want your network to know about you (your personal brand .  I would add…. . What is your niche? Describe your Ideal Client.
  2. Make sure your entire online presence, communicates that brand thoroughly and consistently across all forums.
  3. Today find someway to help someone in your network find something.

How to Find David Fisher

Twitter: @dfishrockstar


Networking Tips

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