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How To Kickstart Your Networking in Sales with Evie Burke #56


Networking is great way to generate leads and our guest Evie Burke coaches us how to enter a room, make connections and not  what she calls “freak out”.

Evie Burke is a coach and expert on the pleasures and pitfalls of networking. She says in her bio she went to at least one networking group a week for almost two years and learned a thing or two along the way. Through her Keep-in-Touch Kickstart program, she teaches entrepreneurs how to naturally network, build relationships and generate more clients with ease.
In this episode we talk about how generate leads, follow up, get an appointment, and keep in touch.

Networking in Sales Kick-start Process

Evie mentioned a favorite quote:  “You need to meet new people to generate new old friends.”

  • Find the “pain” of your idea client. Interview past clients or look at your former self.
  • Explain how you address the pain that matters to your audience
  • Create a 30 second pitch. “I help” these kinds of people who see these “results”.
  • Go to places your ideal clients hangs out.

How to Find Evie Burke

You can find Evie on the Internet!

This is her free  gift to listeners. 

Easy Networking Conversation Tool
“3 Steps to More Productive Networking Conversations” by Evie Burke

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