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Persuasion and the Art of Influence with the Sexy Boss Heather Ann Havenwood #141

webinar-profile-heather1Persuasion and the Art of Influence with the Sexy Boss Heather Ann Havenwood #141

Today we meet Heather Ann Havenwood,  a gifted sales professional and coach who has mastered persuasion and the skills of assertive selling. In this episode we dig into the power of emotion when selling, and things you can do to avoid being aggressive, yet still influence and close a sale.  Persuasion and influence are hot topics.  I like to think of Sales Babble as a conversation in a Starbucks, and this episode nails the title today.

Focus When Selling

We talked at length on the selling process, what to avoid and what to embrace. This includes:

  • The beginning and ending of the sale are key to influence
  • People are naturally defensive, expect it and accept the situation.
  • People buy from people, you need to sell prospects on you first. This is the first step of persuasion.
  • Listen to what the prospect is saying, often that’s all you need to close.
  • Confusion never sells so it’s best to focus on one offer.
  • On a one call close, lead people by the hand when buying.

On a complex sale never leave the meeting without a next step.

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