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Four Skills You Need For Sales Success – HEAT

pat-helmers-sales-skills-successFour Skills You Need For Sales Success – HEAT

In this solo episode  Pat Helmers shares the four sales skills for sales success.  Selling is not about being outgoing and pushy. It’s about having HEAT:  


  • Helpful
  • Emotionally Intelligent (Empathetic)
  • Astute
  • Tenacious

Sales Success Skills and Links

Here are the attributes and skills for sales success mentioned in the podcast. Note the links that reference previous episodes and posts made here on Sales Babble. With these four attributes, you’ll have a fresh mindset on how to approach customers and provide value.  And you’ll do so in a natural an efficient way to work your skills for sales success.


By taking the mindset of being helpful, it’s easier to promote what you have. But only if you’re certain you can help. You’re not trying to sell them, you’re trying to lend a hand.


In this situation you ask a number of questions: What’s going on? What’s the problem? Is there something I can do? How can I help? Not a mindset of being pushy, but being helpful.

Emotionally Intelligent (Empathetic)

Skilled entrepreneurs are able to pick up social cues. They can read body language in ways words don’t convey. Being able to read people, depends on your ability to listen, look, and understand.  It’s easier to understand what your prospective client is saying by paying close attention. Master sellers are empathetic to the troubles their customers have, and it shows. 

The best way to know what your customer thinks, is to ask and truly LISTEN. None of us are mind readers. Never assume you know what a prospect is thinking. Ask  for honest feedback, and listen how they answer.


Smart sellers are able to connect the dots. They take random facts, find patterns, and then understand how to take this situation and turn it to their advantage.Buyers are often confused by the event in their lives. They know they are experiencing pain, but unsure where it stems. It’s important you that understand your ideal client better than they know themselves. Once you understand the troubles they have in their lives, you can provide relief.

An astute entrepreneur never leads with a solution. But they do walk their clients through a conversation. If done masterfully, it’s a conversation that concludes with a solution the startup offers. Always be  patient when selling letting buyers come to a realization on their own schedule.


Entrepreneurs do not give up. They work deals until done. Tenacity is the ability to not quit and stick with the deal, win or lose. This requires you to become organized and detail oriented. building new daily habits centered around CRM software. With a little discipline, you too can become the organized Seller.

Most likely your competition is terrible at following up. Most sellers don’t follow up more than twice. This is where you can beat them.

Follow ­up, follow ­up, follow ­up!

Four Skills For Sales Success – HEAT

Productivity Guide

This is the productivity guide Lian Austin is sharing in preparation of his December Summit. Stop wasting time! Optimize your day and with efficient time management strategies.   This is Liam’s interview on episode #135.

Consultative Selling

Masters Sellers have HEAT and this is how we do it. Listen for more advice in these episodes to learn skills for sales success!

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