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Time To Sell Mindset with Chris Spurvey #202

Chris Spurvey Sales Babble Time To Sell Mindset with Chris Spurvey #202

In this episode Chris Spurvey shares his uncomfortable sales journey. When he started in sales, he didn’t find instant success. It took time, but he discovered the right mindset that would allow him to connect with prospects, and convert them into loyal clients. He calls it Chris Spurvey 5.0.  In his new book It’s Time to Sell he explains his process for reinvention, self discovery and the right time to sell mindset.

Achievement Demands a Vision

Without a direction, you can’t reach a destination. Chris believes a compelling vision motivates you to go out and act. It’s all about mindset. By celebrating smalls win, successes will compile.

  • Create a vision with a time to sell mindset
  • Set aside time each day executing this vision

What is your sales vision? Consider framing sales as a problem solver, not a pusher. If you can give your clients a good night sleep you’re doing it right. Create relationships with your clients and gain their trust with “Questions of Understanding.”  

Bad Sales Management

We need to shed this idea that great salespeople are fast talkers. While working in sales, Chris got a new sales director.  He moved his comp plan from closed sales to an activity focus vs percent of revenue. It was demotivating for the team. Given the manager didn’t provide training or coaching, sales tanked. Eventually he was fired and surprisingly Chris was promoted in his place.  Why? Chris started researching world class sales organizations on his own. He was mentally prepared for the next step.

Take Action Advice

Chris invites three people for a Skype call per day on Linkedin.  One of out three agrees. He talks to someone new regarding:

  • Vision
  • Gratitude
  • Serving
  • Learning
  • Hub for Networking

At any point in time we are a moment away from a breakthrough. Get ready for it!   Leverage LinkedIn and reach out to three people every day.   Create opportunity.

How To Find Chris Spurvey

Chris can be found across the internet with his time to sell mindset.

To find his book go to It’s Time to Sell and he has a podcast it’s Time To Sell

Consultative Selling

Let’s continue the conversation. Here are past episodes you will find on topic. Listen now!

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