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How To Learn The Secret Lingo of Your Customer with Jeffrey Shaw #192

Sales Babble Secret LingoHow To Learn The Secret Lingo of Your Customer with Jeffrey Shaw #192

Author Jeffrey Shaw visits Sales Babble to talk about his book Lingo – Discover Your ideal Customers’s Secret Language and Make Your Business Irresistible.   Jeffrey believes that far too often people sell the wrong thing to the wrong people. Unfortunately too few people understand for whom they are for. Your ideal client has a secret lingo that mirrors your traits and values.  Once you learn their lingo, you can quickly discern and serve this market.

Five Step Process

In his book Jeffery outlines a five step process for discovering your prospects secret lingo.

  1. Understand your ideal clients perspective
  2. Create familiarity and comfort
  3. Style – build one that matches your target
  4. Pricing – Use whole numbers for high-end customers
  5. Words – use language they speak

How To Connect with Jeffrey Shaw

To find Jeffrey Shaw, his book,  and the free secret lingo giveaways go here:

  • Lingo mediate kit Inforgraphic
  • Free Chapter of his book
  • Audio version of the first chapter of the book
  • The full book on Amazon
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter @jeffreyshaw1

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How to Learn About Your Ideal Client

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