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No Excuses Selling with Maxwell Ivey #134

maxwell-ivey-blind-bloggerNo Excuses Selling with Maxwell Ivey

Today we meet Maxwell Ivey, entrepreneur, broker, and niche business owner whose life has literally been a carnival ride.  In this episode we learn the power of not making excuses and how to set your ego aside to ask for advice.  Max believes that when you do this you are giving others the opportunity to experience the joy of helping others.

Maxwell has been in sales for long long time and despite some unique life challenges he has been highly successful in business and I’m excited to share his inspirational life story and no excuses selling advice.

Inspiration for No Excuses Selling

Max has  been able to find business success despite being blind.  He’s spot on when he recommend:

  • that you have to set your ego aside.
  • not be afraid to ask others for help.
  • advice from an experts can accelerate your progress and at the same time.
  • give those you ask the opportunity to experience the joy of helping others.

This is a fair trade and a win win for all parties.

How To Connect With Maxwell Ivey

To connect with Max you can find him at:

Reach out to Max for a free review of your pitch!  Again, another case of  No Excuses Selling

Max has a new book  available on Amazon titled: Leading You Out Of The Darkness Into The Light: A Blind Man’s Inspirational Guide to Success

Closing Sales Tips

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