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Caya Cayasso  met with Sales Babble Episode 167 to talk about sponsoring the podcast. Plus we discussed why Slidebean is a good fit for your business.

Slidebean allows you to create stunning, professionally designed sales decks in minutes, not hours. Over 2,500 sales professionals have used Slidebean’s simple. It’s robust presentation tools  successfully pitch clients around the world.

Slidebean’s state of the art presentation software allows you track your prospect’s progress within a sales deck.  In addition you have  vital information such as how many times they’ve opened your deck. Plus you know how much time they’ve spent on each slide.

Collaborate with out Worries

Slidebean also allows you to collaborate with your entire sales team in real-time. Because of this as many or as few of your team’s members can work on the same presentation, no matter where they are.

Unlike Powerpoint and Keynote, Slidebean allows you to share your sales deck in URL form. As a result  you don’t have to worry about saving, downloading, and sending large files across email.

Having the presentation in URL form also means that you can don’t have to worry about technical difficulties. When presenting your sales deck in person, Slidebean’s presentations work directly on any web browser.

Get a Free Account

Best of all, you can create a free account and start designing your sales deck today at .  Furthermore once you’re ready to unlock your presentation use offer code Babble. You can now save 10% off your first purchase. Slidebean. Presentations Made Simple.

Get a free Slidebean account today!

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The free cloud-based presentation tool that is storming the business world with head turning content is being lauded by the press:

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