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How Value Propositions Bring Value to Your Business #167

IoT World 2017 Sales BabbleHow Value Propositions Bring Value to Your Business #167

In this episode we return to IoT World (see and show how Value Propositions bring value to your business. Not only do we talk about value, we show you the topic in action.  First we finish up the IoT World interviews and meet Keith O’Byrne and Nancy Kazdan. Keith talks about how engineers are perfect for selling technology and Nancy shows how value propositions bring value when framing your selling process. We also have a guest appearance from our new sponsor Slidebean. CEO Jose ‘Caya’ Cayasso talks about the adventure of starting a start-up, why they picked the slide-deck market and how they’ve found success, again by adding value.

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Keith O’Byrne – Asavie

Asavie Technologies makes connectivity simple according to Keith. Their mobility management and Internet of Things solutions manage, scale and secure connectivity across diverse networks. Keith talked about the need to have engineers in the sales process. They already speak the language and customers appreciate that! He sees himself as a technology evangelist. Selling is a part of that. When it comes to entering the sales profession he recommends “get stuck in…” Do it, give it a try, and it’s not as scary as it seems.

Keith can be found on LinkedIn at Asavie Technologies

Nancy Kazdan – Market Share International

I saw Nancy give a terrific talk at IoT World. She believes a Value Proposition is a short framework you share with a prospect to see if they could be a qualified buyer. It’s an economical use of words to communicate exactly what value you bring to market.

Buyers want to know what you can do for them. Only talk in the language the buyer understands. They way to do this.

Focus on:

  • Narrow market niche.
  • Problem you’re trying to solve.
  • Solution that will solve the problem.

Don’t describe all of this in “technology” speak. Translate the “language” of the new technology. Commonly a Value Proposition is only 10 Words.

What do you do with your Value Proposition? Place it on your LinkedIn profile, Facebook profile,  LinkedIn Company Profile, or corporate website.

Remember it’s not about you, it’s about the value you provide.

This is Nancy’s company:
Nancy Kazdan can be found here on Twitter and LinkedIn

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What is Slide Bean?

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Slidebean’s state of the art presentation software allows you track your prospect’s progress within a sales deck, letting you know vital information such as how many times they’ve opened
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Unlike Powerpoint and Keynote, Slidebean allows you to share your sales deck in URL form. This means you don’t have to worry about saving, downloading, and sending large files across email.

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SlideBean in the Media

The free cloud-based presentation tool that is storming the business world with head turning content is being lauded by the press:

Slidebean Presentations that Design themselves

YouTube Slidebean Presentation 

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Terrific Slidebean article by Hongkiat

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Value Proposition Examples

Here are past episodes that discuss Value Selling and how to build a Value Proposition. Listen today!

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