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How To Write A Successful Sales Plan with Jamie Irvine #168

Jamie Irvine Sales BabbleHow To Write A Successful Sales Plan with Jamie Irvine #168

Our guest is Jamie Irvine, an account manager and entrepreneur from Alberta Canada. Jamie believes to achieve big sales results every company needs to have a sales plan. A sales plan will help you to organize your activity. With a systematic approach you can move consistently towards  closing sales. A sales plan establishes clear defined goals, priorities, timetables, and necessary resources. It is a roadmap to success.  This plan must be understood by everyone in the company and focuses everyone’s attention on achieving and making sales. Jamie shares the key elements on how to write a successful sales plan. It’s not as hard as you think!

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The Best of Sales Plans

There are a number of  key elements to a sales plan. But first understand the “why” behind the need of a sales plan. It’s primary goal is to make sure you’re going in the right direction. Have a good plan, not perfect plan. Don’t get caught up in analysis paralysis and having no plan at all. The goal is to get started and work on it consistently.

Here are the elements on how to write a successful sales plan:

  1. Explain Why – First express the value of your sales plan. It’s important to understand the motivation for a sales plan. It will drive you to honor and follow the plan.
  2. Set measurable goals with defined outcomes – Activities are not enough. The desired results must clear. Without defined outcomes, sales goals don’t help you. Start with the ultimate goal of closing the sale and work backwards.
  3.  Establish a timeline – Pick a schedule that is challenging but doable.
  4.  Define your goals – Big goals, annual goals, and weekly to-do list goals to make this happen. Jamie uses a simple notepad. Breaks them up into alphabetical categories for precedence. Then numbers them 1 to N by importance.
  5.  Identify barriers to success –  Many times outside events are beyond your control. But you can learn how to deal with rejection and overcoming objections. That you can control.
  6. Outline the strategy and get everyone on board.
  7. Seek commitment from all the stakeholders – all roles need to support sales.

When developing a sales plan it is important that it is simple and that you take consistent action every day


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How To Find Jamie Irvine

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