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Sales Skills for Successful Sponsorships with Vernon Ross #71

Sales Consultant Vernon RossSales Skills for Successful  Sponsorships

Vernon Ross,a  social media strategist and host of the social strategy podcast.   Vernon is an expert on cultivating relationships and today he talks about obtaining successful sponsors and the sales skill for successful sponsorship’s.

What are Sponsorships?

In-kind sponsorship – when a company gives you  a product, service or time for the opportunity to build brand loyalty.

Aspects to consider:

  • When there are 3 or more prospects gathered, it’s an opportunity for a successful sponsorship
  • Find a sponsor that would benefit that audience. You don’t sell for them but the sponsor would value forming a relationship with you, because of your relationship with your prospect
  • Be careful not to water down your brand
  • Have a sponsor, sponsor lunch. I elevates your value to the audience (you have connections)

6 Pillars of Successful Sponsorships

  1. Description of your program. What you’re looking for and who you are trying to serve.  Go deep.
  2. Sponsorship Benefits – how they will benefit. It’s not just about “exposure”.   Must be deeper e.g. building brand loyalty, conversions, driving people to website
  3. Demographic Information – the exact description of audience/prospective clients you are targeting. Build an “Avatar”  e.g. Bobby is 45, yoga teacher,
  4. Media Partners – bloggers are a media partner, article published, news letters, associations,
  5. Have a marketing plan: squeeze page, email list, lead capture page, let company give brief chat at the event, how you’re going to promote the sponsor
  6. Strategic alliances – what other people who can compliment but NOT compete

Using LinkedIn to Find Sponsors

  • Connect with people in similar industries via LinkedIn groups
  • Say “I see we’re in similar industry with common connections I’d love to connect”
  • 3 days later “I see we have common interest in XYZ, would you have a moment for a brief chat on the phone?”

Vernon has been influenced by

Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill 

“You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want” – Zig Ziglar


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