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The Invisible Sales Organization with Mitch Russo #147

The Invisible Sales Organization with Mitch Russo #147

In this episode we meet Mitch Russo, author of the book “The Invisible Organization” . Mitch and I talk about the pluses and minuses of moving your sales team OUT of a brick and mortar building and using the power of information systems to connect and build culture virtually. Can this work for you? Mitch is certain it can and in this episode he makes his case on how marketing and sales are good opportunities for an invisible sales organization.

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Invisible Sales, What’s that?

An invisible organization is a virtual organization. Instead of staff working out of an office, they are working at home. Sales is a good fit for many businesses to set up virtually.  Unlike operations and production, the tools of the craft are electronic. The key is to have information management systems  in place that measure productivity. Productivity is the only thing that counts according to Mitch.

Success Keys

Selling has historically been managed by CRM based tools. Metrics and such allow pipeline analysis and sense of revenue in the upcoming future. Organizations rich in metrics are good candidates for the invisible sales organization.  Marketing is a candidate worth considering. What makes for organizational success?
  • Telephone based selling works best. Outbound lead generation centers or appointment setting.
  • Professional development is key to getting staff productive quickly. Mitch recommends using an LMS (Learning Management System) to move training quickly.
  • Promote culture through Slack .   It’s a messaging tool that is incredibly easy to use. This was mentioned in an earlier episode.
  • Culture is a big deal in any company. Mistake commonly made is to not build the culture before hiring staff.

Organizational Culture

Culture telegraphs to  your staff   the boundaries of activities or actions individuals can take within an organization. It’s the unpublished guide. How this is done:

  • Answers the question what it means to be successful and what is failure.
  • Explains to staff what they’re responsible for and not responsible.
  • Rewards people as leaders in a your sales community. They become models for the organization.

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