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Top 10 Sales Babble Podcast Episodes for 2017

Sales Babble Sales Podcast

Top 10 Sales Podcast

We’ve been fortunate to have outstanding guests visit Sales Babble. Each guest has been exceedingly generous in sharing selling secrets. Now our Sales Babblers have spoken! After 100K downloads, they’ve recognized the top 10 sales podcast episodes. These episodes represent the most relevant and most shared, sales and marketing advice.

If you are new to Sales Babble, start here.  These episodes will immediately kickstart your selling success. Don’t think of us as a teacher, we’re a coach! We believe that you have EXACTLY what it takes to become an outstanding seller. Now it’s time to hone your skills.

Kudos again to the Sales Babble guests for their insights and advice. Enjoy!


Top 10 Sales Podcast Episodes 2017





8 Cold Calling Techniques, with Stephen Schiffman In this episode we address one of the largest hurdles entrepreneurs face in their career: cold calling. We interview Stephen Schiffman, the leader and motivational sales trainer who literally wrote the book on cold calling. Stephen takes us through a strategy of cold calling techniques and the tactics you need to get an appointment.
79 The 5 Fundamentals for Closing a Sale #79 In this solo episode Pat discusses how you too can learn to close a sale with ease. Plus, you can do it honestly and without being pushy..
109 Stop Cold Calling Start Communicating with Odile Faludi In this episode we learn how to stop Cold Calling and start communicating or as Odile says it; Cold Call No More.
113 The 7 Best Free CRM Systems for Business with Cara Wood In this episode Cara Wood walk us through 7 free CRM systems for business. For each of these tools we discuss the pros, cons, and in what situation the CRM system makes the most business sense.
116 When Buyers Say No with Tom Hopkins Tom Hopkins world renown sales trainer and leading author on how to listen for reluctance and adjust the sales process to the right spot using the Circle of Persuasion.
132 The Perfect Close with James Muir In this episode author James Muir discusses the process described in his new book “The Perfect Close”. He shares a simple and effective closing process.
136 Cold Calling Role Play with John Trybulec John Trybulic believes when it comes to sales, it’s not about you, it’s about the customer. John shares his cold calling script and what you can do to connect and build rapport.
148 9 Ways to Close More Sales with Thomas Ellis In this episode Thomas Ellis provides advice on a common struggle for sales professionals, how to close more sales.
150 7 Healthy Phone Habits to Get First Meetings with Marylou Tyler #150 In this episode we talk about one of the most powerful selling tools you have in your command, the telephone.
160 Strictly Cold Calling – Success Strategies for Business Development with Kerry Heaps #160 In this episode we meet Kerry Heaps and her method of using phone calls to generate opportunities.
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