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How to Pitch Shark Tank with Michelle Weinstein #184

How to Pitch on the Shark Tank with Michelle Weinstein #184

Michelle Weinstein is a sales strategist who specializes in helping entrepreneurs learn how to sell without selling and without being sleazy. She pitched on Shark Tank and raised over $1M for her last Company placing products into Costco & The Vitamin Shoppe. In this episode she shares the story and the fundamental elements of a strong pitch.

Elements of a Pitch

On the TV show Shark Tank. Michelle was pitching a protein bar business and after a multi-step vetting process she was able to pitch before the “Sharks” only to be shot down. Due to significant coaching for the show, she learned you must your authentic self. If you’re a fake, people won’t trust.

  • One minute to make an impression.
  • 10-20 seconds you will be judged
  • Practice your elevator pitch over and over and over
  • Make it memorable
  • Make it catchy
  • Make it niche enough then be  more niche
  • Know your audience

Take Action Advice

Go take action, too often people don’t take action. Fear is in their way e.g. afraid they don’t know what’s going to happen, afraid of rejection, afraid of failure. She believes you do the market a disservice if you don’t’ reach out and offer your products and services.

Pat’s Pitch Template

Here is an example format that may help….
I help __________________ people
in  _______________ kinds of industries 
who have ___________PAIN or DESIRE___________
by providing __________SOLUTIONS_________
Then ask… is that you?
Write this up and read it outloud 20 times until it rolls off your tongue easy peasey.

How to Find Michelle Weinstein

As she shared on the podcast, she is the Pitch Queen.

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