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How to Hire a Sales Rep that Hits the Ground Running #174

Sales Babble How To Hire a Sales RepHow to Hire a Sales Rep that Hits the Ground Running #174

In this solo episode we finish up the second part of a two part series with advice on how to hire a sales rep that’s a perfect fit for you. Last week we talked about how to get a job, this is the other bookend of the conversation. Inspired by a previously published LinkedIn post , this episode gives practical advice to discover how a candidate sales hires will act on the job. Stop guessing. Know for fact, your candidate will hit the ground running.

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Why Hiring is the Sales Managers Most Important Job

The lifeblood of a fast-growing startup is it’s team. People are the foundation of every organization.  Building a thriving culture, hiring skilled individuals and forming an amazing team creates rapid success. It’s not easy. But it’s something within your control. Given that revenue growth is the key success metric,  your first sales hires are paramount.

Steps For Hiring Reps That Hit The Ground Running

Don’t use the resume as the primary mechanism for assessing ability. Give candidates a series of tasks to demonstrate they have great selling skills:

  1. Author job ad using all your market skills. Know and describe your IDEAL employee
  2. Ask them to call you when they apply
  3. Validate they sound like professionals on the call
  4. Give them a written set of questions
  5. Go over the questions and resume. Qualify them
  6. Give them a presentation/demonstration task
  7. Invite them to lunch
  8. Give them an offer (given they pass all previous steps)

When you give candidates tasks that represent selling skills, you can better assess if they will fit into your organization. Don’t believe what people tell you, believe what people show you.

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How To Build Your Own Accelerated Hiring Process

This podcast episode was inspired by a LinkedIn article with the same title published in June 2017.

Pat has an entire hiring process available for managers who want to meet and exceed their hiring goals.  Contact Pat here to get a copy of your own customized 8  page hiring process to find quality hires, you never fire. 

Image result for contact meIt’s frustrating and time consuming spending all your time on hiring. Yet it’s the most important job you have. Let me help you grow an elite sales team. Contact me today. 


How to Manage and Hire Sales Teams

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  1. Pat August 1, 2017 at 9:15 am #

    Thanks Jamie for the kind and generous words.


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