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Sales Babble is the premiere sales podcast for technology sales and startups. Sales Babble is fun yet packed with terrific advice and actionable information featuring the  Selling With Confidence Sales Training System. We believe that anyone who has a desire to help their clients can become a highly skilled and effective sales professional.

Sales Babble Sales Podcast is Published Weekly on Tuesday Mornings and showcased on the  Player FM Sales Page
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Special Segment Your Hired! An Interview with Job Seeker Tami Miller #16

This is a special segment interview:  not an expert,  but a client who is a non-seller, learning sales! Through  serendipity I’ve found myself coaching a number of job seekers this past spring. Interviewing for a job is just another form of sales though most people don’t think of it in those terms.  These job seekers  are […]


Don’t Sweep Objection Handling Under the Rug

Dealing with objections is objectionable for  unsavvy sellers! Objection handling is the ability  to address sticky issues brought up by the prospective buyer. The goal is to somehow provide a satisfactory answer to the buyer’s questions.  It takes preparation to do a good job of this.  But poorly prepared  sellers often avoid topics that may cause the objection […]

Thomas Ellis Portrait

Pleasantly Persistent Sales With Thomas Ellis #15

  Pleasantly Persistent Sales with Thomas Ellis In this episode we  interview  Thomas Ellis,  a  business sales trainer and coach. Thomas shares his views on “pleasantly persistent sales” .   He believes tenacity and persistence are a must to close  sales, while at  the time sellers must be both patient and pleasant. Right-click here to download the […]


Behind the Scenes Podcast Studio Look

A number of people have  expressed an  interest in a behind the scenes look at the Sales Babble podcast. I’ve created a new page  that shares  a bit about the Studio’s  setup, what it looks like, the equipment used, as well as the configuration.  I’m often complimented on the sound of my podcast.  This is how we […]


SB014 | Creative Thinking When Selling an Interview with Tony Vengrove

Creative Thinking in Sales In this episode we  interview Tony Vengrove to explore the question: how does creativity impact sales? Tony is the founder  of Miles Finch Innovation a marketing company that removes  barriers that interfere with corporate innovation and creative thinking. He is an idea champion and believes every problem has a solution    With […]


The 3×8 Follow Up Rule in Sales

The 3×8 Follow Up Rule in Sales Last year I bought a new car. During the selling process I was talking to two car dealers. I wanted to buy a car from a fellow  I had previously done business. He had done a fine  job and was a credible trusted seller.   I was sending both dealers  emails to […]


How To Stem a Bad Case of Show Up and Throw Up in Sales

Pumped up with enthusiasm, all too often sellers share everything and anything to prospective clients at the first meeting. Overwhelmed by a fire hose of information, buyers immediately regret inviting the seller to the meeting. In this situation the deal is  dead on arrival due to a bad case of  “Show Up and Throw Up”. Professional sellers […]


20 Minutes To A Performance Seller and  interview with  Rick Day #12

How To Be A Performance Seller In this episode we talk about performance selling with Rick Day, an entrepreneur with over 25 years of starting, growing, and selling businesses.  From meager beginnings, Rick spent 5 years in the Navy, put himself through college, and became an entrepreneur.  Now at age 50, he’s a semi-retired investor, […]


Four Ways To Stay Ahead of the Competition

It’s easy to slack off when your business has been successful.  For some sales professionals, new business becomes a process of order taking: What color would you like? How many would you prefer this week? Would you like us to include a set of steak knives with that order? Yet this stage of your business […]