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What’s Not Working In Sales Today with Brandon Bruce #204

What’s Not Working In Sales Today with Brandon Bruce #204

Brandon Bruce grew up in a tiny California town of 800 people where he only had one classmate at a school with outhouses as their bathroom. He went from these humble beginnings to now Cofounding and growing Cirrus Insight to $12 million in revenue and #41 on the Inc. 500 list (after a six-year rollercoaster of sales success and setbacks). Today Brandon and I discuss what’s not working in sales today.

Times Have Changed for Sales

Cold emailing and cold calling still work, but not as well as in the past. The internet is changing consumers behavior.  They are spending more time alone shopping and comparing before calling the sales line. It used to be that growing a big email lists was the path to success. But it doesn’t work as well as it did in the past. People can smell a pitch a mile away. A small list of targeted prospects is better.

Sales Solutions That May Work

Be eminently reachable – post your calendar online and let people find a spot that works for them.

Use email prudently asking for advice and help if you’re a startup:

  • Hi I’m a founder like you, 
  • I’ve created a new application, it does THIS,
  • I’d really appreciate it if you would download, and give it a try
  • then give us some feedback on it and  tells us what we did right and not right
  • We’re very open for feedback.

In this example you’re not selling but asking for advice. Kill them with flattery, by not selling, but getting them engaged. Be vulnerable and admit  you may not have the answer, but you’re open for feedback. This is authentic. Pushy sales is what’s not working in sales today.

How to Find Brandon Bruce

Brandon on LinkedIn


Twitter @cirrusinsight

Babble me to enter the drswing for Brandon’s swag!

Business Development

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The Purpose of Sales with May McCarthy #203

The Purpose of Sales with May McCarthy

The purpose of this episode is to talk about purpose! Our guest May McCarthy discusses the value of aligning our day-to-day decisions towards some greater purpose. May walks us through a discovery process used by sales people and business owners alike. The purpose of sales is unique for each of us. In this episode let’s reveal what you want, how to achieve it and lastly how does your company help or hinder your success.

Lack of Purpose

Companies know what they do, but not why. Even if they do, large organizations fail to share it up and down the organization. A purposeless organization will experience:

  • lack of innovation
  • disengaged employees
  • listless shareholders
  • fickle customers
  • lower profits

A clear shared purpose can address these concerns and provide you your unique purpose of sales.

Personal Purpose, Company Purpose

Ask three questions to reveal the purpose of sales in your life:

  1. What did you do when young that you truly loved?
  2. Ask people who you know and respect, “What do you think I’m really good at?”
  3. Ask yourself, “What do you think you’re really good at?”

Companies can ask the same three questions. Now factor out the commonalities between the companies purpose and your personal purpose.  When there is alignment, true productivity abounds!

How To Find May McCarthy

You can find May at

She has a new book! It’s being published this March 2018 titled The Path to Wealth: Seven Spiritual Steps for Financial Abundance

Selling Mindset

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Time To Sell Mindset with Chris Spurvey #202

Chris Spurvey Sales Babble Time To Sell Mindset with Chris Spurvey #202

In this episode Chris Spurvey shares his uncomfortable sales journey. When he started in sales, he didn’t find instant success. It took time, but he discovered the right mindset that would allow him to connect with prospects, and convert them into loyal clients. He calls it Chris Spurvey 5.0.  In his new book It’s Time to Sell he explains his process for reinvention, self discovery and the right time to sell mindset.

Achievement Demands a Vision

Without a direction, you can’t reach a destination. Chris believes a compelling vision motivates you to go out and act. It’s all about mindset. By celebrating smalls win, successes will compile.

  • Create a vision with a time to sell mindset
  • Set aside time each day executing this vision

What is your sales vision? Consider framing sales as a problem solver, not a pusher. If you can give your clients a good night sleep you’re doing it right. Create relationships with your clients and gain their trust with “Questions of Understanding.”  

Bad Sales Management

We need to shed this idea that great salespeople are fast talkers. While working in sales, Chris got a new sales director.  He moved his comp plan from closed sales to an activity focus vs percent of revenue. It was demotivating for the team. Given the manager didn’t provide training or coaching, sales tanked. Eventually he was fired and surprisingly Chris was promoted in his place.  Why? Chris started researching world class sales organizations on his own. He was mentally prepared for the next step.

Take Action Advice

Chris invites three people for a Skype call per day on Linkedin.  One of out three agrees. He talks to someone new regarding:

  • Vision
  • Gratitude
  • Serving
  • Learning
  • Hub for Networking

At any point in time we are a moment away from a breakthrough. Get ready for it!   Leverage LinkedIn and reach out to three people every day.   Create opportunity.

How To Find Chris Spurvey

Chris can be found across the internet with his time to sell mindset.

To find his book go to It’s Time to Sell and he has a podcast it’s Time To Sell

Consultative Selling

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Three Step Process to Narrow Your Sales Focus #201

Phil Boissiere Sales BabbleThree Step Process to Narrow Your Sales Focus with Phil Boissiere #201

Phil Boissiere is a Silicon Valley tech startup and executive coach. He works with founders, entrepreneurs and sales people who struggle with attention fatigue. In this episode Phil gives us practical advice on how to boost your selling productivity.  His 3×3 method is a quick way to tune up your sales brain, vanquish stress and narrow your sales focus. Your brain is the most important tool you have in your bag. Use it!

Sales = Stress

The sales profession attracts people who are willing to put themselves on the line. Sales people are  evaluated on:

  • performance factors – e.g. closed sales, advanced deals, prospecting, etc..
  • social factors – e.g. likeability, relationship building, etc…

When stress goes up, performance goes down. When people are stressed, they make the wrong decision. Quick fixes have limits. Discover the root cause within you and what’s going on in your brain. for example, with dehydration your cognition drops!

Tedious complex tasks hurt concentration, create distraction and a bad attitude. Stress and worry turns on the emotional part of you brain. You don’t want this. Since your overloading your brains with apps, photos, and videos, it’s hard to narrow your sales focus.

3×3 Method

Phil has a way to relieve stress with a simple exercise. Combine the naming of an object with a deep breath. Since your brain can’t do two things at once, it will allow you destress and focus.

Pick three objects in the room and say the following:

  • That’s a Lamp (take a breath)
  • That’s a Painting (take a breath)
  • That’s my Desk (take a breath)

Sellers are paid to perform.  Since this work is  future focused, it creates stress. Be preventive in mindfulness and reap rewards on your productivity.

Sleep Trumps Stress

Coffee is a stimulant. It can help mental focus but it’s only a stop gap.  When your brain is depleted of sleep it creates:

  • irritability
  • frustration
  • distractibility
  • low energy
  • cranky mood

Get to sleep now!

How To Find Phil Boissiere – Executive Leadership Coaching

Focus Playbook

Selling Mindset

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Master Your Cold Calling Fear With This 4 Step Script – Anniversary Episode #200

Master Your Cold Calling Fear With This 4 Step Script

One of the most difficult steps in sales is cold calling. It’s a task dripping with anxiety, dread and reluctance. People want to be loved and respected. Inserting ourselves into a place that yields rejection is scary. But this is the problem.  Prospects rarely seek out vendors and buy. Waiting around for the phone to ring is a bad plan. So it falls on the seller to make the first move. That first move is often on the telephone.  You need to master your cold calling fear. 

My definition of a cold call is when you reach out to prospect and they’re not expecting the call. You only have a few seconds to elicit interest making it tricky work. The trick is to have a service mindset focused on learning about the client, understanding their situation, then ascertaining if you can help.

To make this lesson real, we’ll use an example of a real phone call. This call contains a series of steps. Each step has a reason and builds on the previous step.

Do you stink at cold calling? Having a  cold-call script you trust stops call reluctance. Meet Pat, build that script and start setting appointments today. Register for the  Conquer the Cold Call Consultation

First 10 are free with the coupon code “coldcall”

ACME Everlast Cold Call

Pat: Hi Mike, This is Pat Helmers from ACME Everlast You and I just connected on LinkedIn Did I catch you at a bad time. Do you have 1 minute?


P: We help business  owners keep their data safe from costly  feral squirrel hackers.

You’ve heard about the squirrel attacks right?


P: I’m calling because we have a special assessment program to review your vulnerability to squirrels this month and we’re looking for companies between 20-100 employees and I noticed on your website you have Database solution for Oak forest management and by the way that’s a great looking website!


P: Have you been attacked by the squirrels


P: What would happen if you were to lose the integrity of your database?


P: Really, what else


P: What else


P: What else


P:So that would be bad…


P: And you’ve not done an assessment on your system before?


P: I’m curious what’s held you back…


P: What else?


P: Interesting… what else?


P: Yes I’ve heard that before…. What else?


P:…….pause …….Sounds it sounds like you’re concerned about a squirrel attack and you’re willing to do something about it but at the same time you want to make sure that you’re making an informed decision that doesn’t cost you and arm and a leg.  Is that about right?

M: pause………YEAH I GUESS SO

P: Mike we’ve been doing this for a long time. We just did a company in your town called Soup to Nuts and found 15 breaches open to squirrel attacks. They said the same thing you said.. .if their system was to be attacked it could cost them millions   We did a free assessment on them and for a very economical investment they were able to remediate their system and avoid calamity. This isn’t really a question of if but when. Do you think this will happen to you too?


P: Have you ever had your credit card numbers stolen?


P: It’s the same thing right?


P: If we were to do this assessment, who’s the tech person in your organization we would work with?


P: Mary?


P: Do you think we could start working with Mary Smith tomorrow to get an assessment started?


P: Could you check your email Mike, I just sent you a link do you see it?

M: ……….pause……….YES

P: Great, click on the link and  fill in Mary’s contact info.    What’s her phone number?

M: OH IT’S 630- 768-3134

P: Let’s see is we can get this schedule for next week. I’ll give Mary a call later today.  Sound good


P: Great Mike, well thanks for helping set this up with Mary and when it’s done I’d like to set up a meeting with you for the results. Do you have your calendar up, would this time next week work?


P: Great;  Again thanks Mike for everything and for all your help.

Design of a Cold Call

Let’s walk through the dialogue step by step and explain what’s going on. Each statement I made has a reason. Notice that most of them are questions. The entire script is choreographed with the following goals:

  1. Connect with the prospect so they agree to have a conversation
  2. Discover their pain or desires
  3. Assess if they are qualified to buy my products or services
  4. Show how my products/services address the problems and desire they just mentioned
  5. Get them to agree to a follow up meeting ie. get an appointment.
  6. The goal is to set up an appointment and to do this whole call in just a few minutes.

Step by step breakdown of call

This scripts assumes you’ve done your homework and have a good idea they are a qualified buyer. You can learn amazing things on social media, their website and the demographic of the  customers they serve. It also assumes that you have a value proposition. We’ve covered this in length already but if you can’t easily explain that  you serve a specific market with a specific set of needs and desires by provide a specific product/service/solution that have a set of specific benefits. The goal of any cold call is to schedule an appointment.

Step One: Call

ONE- Call – Dial, Read the script and get permission to engage in a conversation

  • Ask for them by name and mention how you know them. I’m a big fan of LinkedIn and use it to warm them up. This is what’s called social selling. When you see those ads that say “Never cold call again!”, that’s what they’re doing. But it doesn’t have to be social selling. You could also say, I met you at a networking meeting, or a conference, or someone recommended you reach out to them. Make it seem natural that you and they have a common connection and it makes sense for the two of you to be communicating.
  • When they agree give you a minute of their time, the power shifts from them to you. They’ve given you permission to take a bit of their time. Use this gift wisely.
  • Quickly get to the punch sharing your  value proposition .

Step Two: Share Reason

Use value proposition to share  reason your calling

  • I have a reason for calling. In this situation we have a special offer. The reason doesn’t need to be all that important. Maybe you’re going to  be in town next Tuesday. Maybe you just launched a new product.  etc…  Always have a reason. Short and sweet.

Step 3: Qualify

Ask questions and listen if prospect qualified

  • Immediately start asking them questions. The more they talk, the higher likelihood you can advance the sale. Turn this into a natural conversation, not a presentation or worse, a lecture. Don’t fall into “selling telling”. If I’m talking more than a couple minutes i have an internal timer fire off and I start getting concerned I’m boring them or not adding value. So I ask a question to make sure they are still engage.
  • Compliment them. In this case I said nice things about their website. No matter how good or bad it is, it’s good for you. It gives you insight into the kind of company they are. When doing outside sales calls I always complimented the building or something in the  persons office. Do what comes natural if you’re talking to someone you already know.
  • Keep asking questions and truly listen to their answers. Have you been attacked, if you got a attacked what would happen? How would it cost you? Discover their pain and the  ramifications of their pain.
  • Find out if your competition as already beat you to this customer
  • Don’t cut them off keep them talking. Keep the conversation going by asking What Else. When I was in college I worked for a marketing company during the summer. I was one of those people who stood with a clipboard in the mall asking people questions about consumer products like cars, rice and beer. One trick they taught us to say what else after every open ended question. It was amazing what people would say. Often it was the third, fourth or fifth question before they really got to the thing that mattered most to them. What Else.  In the end you will know if they are qualified.
  • Don’t argue or debate over their objections. They are concerned about cost, quality, profit, time and being conned.You can’t  blame them given all the sketchy sales people out there. Let them know you’re listening respectfully
  • Once all the what elses are done, show how you overcome their concerns. Use examples of successful past clients. Offer free services to instigate a follow up in-person sales call.
  • Once they agree they have a problem that’s a huge step forward. In this case I ask about the possibility of doing a free assessment. I start acting like an employee of the company and helping them figure out who and when I can work with the right staff, in this case Mary.  But it could be just asking if a time to meet works for them within the next two weeks. This is the WHOLE GOAL of this phone call, to get scheduled 1 on 1 appointment.
  • Notice I ask about possibility. This way I don’t get a hard no answer. Most anything is possible. If they can agree to a possibility, you’ve advanced the sale.


Step 4: Schedule Appointment

Get on the prospects calendar to fully share your value proposition.

  • Giving away free stuff is a great way to get people’s interest. But it must be something that makes sense in the context of your offering. In this case we’re giving away a free assessment. But it could be a quick document or article that makes the prospect a little bit wiser and well informed. You need to give to get. A pen, post-it notes or coffee cups don’t have near the value of a well written 5 step checklist pertinent to their industry.
  • The goal of the call is to get an appointment. In this case we’re trying to schedule a meeting to go over the assessment. While you have them on the phone get them on your calendar. Don’t say you’ll call them back to set up a time. Never leave the call without a follow up scheduled.


  • Have the attitude I’m here to help my customers. I’m not going to take advantage of them. I’m going to earn their trust for life. If I can’t help them maybe I can refer them to someone who can. I’m here to help.
  • Treat everyone like a distant cousin, someone you see once and awhile. You don’t know them that well but you deeply feel related to them. Not like a close friend, but a cousin
  • Think about your  family, close friends, colleagues and community. Consider the skills that you use to build teams, help one another, listen, go the extra mile, partner. Consider those skills and use them when calling. Sales isn’t something separate from life. It is life. And what works with people close to you, works in sales.


How To Boost Your Cold Call Skills

Having a  cold-call script you trust stops call reluctance. Meet Pat, build that script and start setting appointments today. Register for the  Conquer the Cold Call Consultation

On February 23, 2018  Pat offered 10 free consultations.  Register here and use the discount code “coldcall”


Cold Calling Tips

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    How to Find Sales Leads with Twitter with Madalyn Sklar #199

    Madalyn Sklar Sales BabbleHow to Find Sales Leads with Twitter with Madalyn Sklar #199

    Sales Babble listeners are always asking about social selling and using social media of discover new leads. Sales people are ALWAYS looking for new leads.  We know that LinkedIn can be alot of help, but what about Twitter, what about Instagram or Facebook? Is Snapchat worth your time?Today we ask AND answer those very questions. My guest Madalyn Sklar and I review each of the social media platforms and Madalyn shares advice  on how to find sales leads with Twitter and common do’s and don’ts for Social Selling.

    Social Media Social Selling

    Sales is sales. Just like finding leads at a networking event or referrals, social selling is no different except for the venue!

    • You can find leads in all social media!
    • Your ability to find leads depends on two things:
      1. Knowing who you’re selling to
      2. Understanding the social media venue

    How to Find Leads with Twitter

    • Be consistent
    • Tweet everyday
    • Tweet 5 times a day
    • Check notifications people who respond
    • Check DM inbox and look for leads  1 lead /20 spam
    • Create lists: customers, competitors, prospects
    • Find ways to join conversations
    • Participate in Twitter chats
    • Hosts #twittersmarter every Thursday 1PM EST
    • Engage with people, just don’t post about you and your business

    How to Find Leads on Instagram

    • Use hashtags
    • People search for hashtags to find a common conversation
    • There is a lot of spam, engage to discover who’s real

    How to Find Leads on LinkedIn

    • Repost blogs on LinkedIn Article platform (former Pulse)

    How to Find Leads on SnapChat

    • Can’t really find leads on Snapchat, according to Madalyn, it’s not worth her time
    • Redundant with  Instagram Story’s, Facebook too.

    How to Find Madalyn Sklar

    Madalyn is ranked #1 Houston Social Media Power Influencer. You can find her here:

    Go here to get her Twitter Secret Sauce – FREE online course videos and handouts

    Lead Generation Strategies

    Many past episodes share advice on how to find leads with social selling. Listen now!


    Birth of a Salesman with Carson Heady #198

    Carson Heady Sales BabbleThe Birth of a Salesman

    One consistent message I get from the Sales Babble audience is they love that Sales Babble makes sales simple by sharing practical advice and selling stories. Well today we’re going to knock that out of the park. Our guest is sales professional and author Carson Heady and he’s the author of the book series,  Birth of a Salesman. Carson spins a sales adventures of fictional Vincent Scott as a vehicle to describe what makes for great sales.

    Superman With a Briefcase

    The protagonist of the book is Vincent Scott. The story starts with him entering sales right out of college. His is young, brash and soon finds he’s good at it. He appreciates being well paid and is soon promoted and promoted again.  Vincent represents all of us. We are all tested in our careers and personal lives. Like him, we make mistakes and have wins.

    In Carson’s mind, Vincent is a Superman with a Briefcase.  Vincent’s not afraid to take risks. Yes he sometimes fails but in the end he is a success in his profession.   This character is a mix of people Carson has worked with over time.

    Attributes of a Great Seller

    Vincent Scott struggles like all of us:  dealing with bureaucracy, difficult deals, and working with others. This is something we all face in our careers. It’s not limited to sellers only.  The stories develop to show how he matures over time.

    Politics and corporate culture are a constant struggle in the book. Carson believes great sales demands:

    • Passion
    • Personality
    • Tenacity
    • Endurance
    • Toughness

    There is more to sales than being an extrovert.

    How To Find Carson Heady

    You can connect with Carson on the web, blog and books:

    Carson has published three books:

    Sales Skills Training

    Here are past episodes that will help you find your A game in sales. Listen now!


    Never Be Closing – Key To Better Sales with Tim Hurson #197

    Tim Hurson Sales Babble CloseNever Be Closing – Key To Better Sales with Tim Hurson #197

    The second most difficult task of a sale is to ask for the business. Closing a prospect is a monumental challenge for many sales professionals. But maybe we’re looking at this all wrong. Tim Hurson is the author of the book “Never Be Closing”. In this episode Tim shares a process where prospects close themselves without arm twisting or sketchy wordplay trickery. Take your closing skills to the mastery level!

    Have a Don’t Close Mindset

    Tim recommends going into a sales conversation with the idea of learning something. Set aside the  expectation of closing quickly. People will close themselves if you do the process right.  It takes time to build a relationship. People fear purchasing from a stranger, but they do appreciate purchasing from those they trust.

    Purpose of a Sales Call

    What is the purpose of a sales call?  It’s not to make the sale, it’s to make the sale, AFTER the sale. Sales calls are measured on a binary scale: You closed or NOT closed. This is false. There is nuance in every sales call and you can learn from the experience. Every call is an opportunity for success.

    Simplest Close of All

    Ask the question “What more do you need to know before we proceed”.  If they say nothing else start the paperwork that moves them from a prospect to a client.

    Of course not everyone is qualified for your business. But prospects may know someone who IS qualified. Think referrals.

    Take Action Advice

    GPS – learn from experience, evaluate the last sales call and ask the following questions:

    • Great – what went well?
    • Poor – what went poorly?
    • Step ups – what can I do better next time?


    How To Find Tim Hurson

    You can find Tim on LinkedIn

    Twitter @tim_hurson
    Book – Never Be Closing – how to sell better without screwing your clients, colleagues or yourself. 

    How To Close a Sale

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    Top 10 Sales and Marketing Tools for 2018

    Top 10 Sales and Marketing ToolsTop 10 Sales and Marketing Tools for 2018 #196

    In this episode Neil Kristianson from Email Splat visits Sales Babble in the international podcast studio. As we gather around the fire,  Neil and I drink homebrews, sample salsa, mustards, various cheeses and crackers. But this is not and end-of-year sendoff. Throughout this bacchanalia, Neil and I share the top 10 sales and marketing tools, we feel Sales Babble listeners should adopt in 2018. Below are links to each of the tools mentioned in this episode.

    Neils Sales and Marketing Tools

    • Rescuetime – A personal analytics service that shows you how you spend your time and provides tools to help you be more productive.
    • Web Merge – An online platform that allows you to easily collect data, populate a document and send it to any contact automatically. We provide you with flexible document types, dynamic content, and delivery options that fit to your business needs.
    • Stepshot Guides – A unique software to create training manuals, technical blog reviews, software workflow presentations and step-by-step guides with no hassle.
    • Zapier – Connect the apps you use everyday to automate your work and be more productive. 1000+ apps and easy integrations – get started in minutes.
    • Create Space – Provides free tools to help you self-publish and distribute your books, DVDs, CDs, and video downloads on-demand on and other channels.

    Pat’s Sales and Marketing Tools

    • – Easy way to find professional email addresses. Give a domain name and get the list of all the emails related to it found on the internet.
    • ToDoist – Trusted by millions, Todoist is the best online task management app and to do list. For Web, iPhone, iPad, Android, Chrome, Outlook and many more!
    • MailTester – Check if an e-mail address is valid or not. Find out why a mail bounces. Get technical information about a mail account and it’s mail (SMTP) server.
    • Active Campaign – Integrated email marketing, marketing automation, and small business CRM. Send beautiful newsletters, setup behavioral based automations, and benefit from sales automation.
    • SlyDial – Voice messaging service which connects you directly to someone’s mobile voicemail… pretty sly huh?

    Plus 2 Tools

    For no extra cost to you, we included 2 extra tools!

    • Neil’s Tool – LastPass – Password manager for businesses. Whether you need to share passwords with colleagues or enforce a company-wide password policy, LastPass is the online password manager for your business.
    • Pat’s Tool – Serps – International and local keyword rankings. Check keyword rankings positions in Google or Yahoo from over 100 country and language combinations.

    How to Find Neil Kristianson

    Shout out to Poor House Brewing  and our appreciation for sharing the Mango Habanero Pale Ale recipe.

    Past Tool Episodes with Neil Kristianson


    Sales Jokes That Don’t Fall Flat with Jon Selig #195

    Jon Selig Sales Jokes Sales BabbleSales Jokes That Don’t Fall Flat with Jon Selig #195

    There  are parallels between sales, improv and stand up comedy. Unfortunately sales jokes can fall flat and jeopardize a deal. In this episode Jon Selig shares advice on how to employ comedy to connect, build relationships and win deals.

    Sales and Comedy

    Each sales call has elements of standup. Open strong, close strong, probe the audience for their pain. display confidence. First you need to sell them on you. A simple  self deprecating joke is safe.

    Craft jokes specifically for a prospect’s pains and challenges within their industry. It is very easy to offend and alienate your prospect.  You only need to offend one person on a team to lose a deal.

    • Don’t push anyone down
    • Don’t marginalize anyone
    • Don’t mock popular sentiments
    • Be as politically correct as you can

    Have empathy and put yourself in your customer’s shoes. If you do that you won’t cross the line and have your sales jokes fall flat.

    Improv in Sales

    Frame your message within the problems and desires of your prospects. Be positive with the other person, respect them.

    • Answer the question  your prospects ask
    • Listen for the question, address it square on
    • Use the improv framework of Yes And
    • Accept what you hear and go with it.
    • Show how your solution will address their pains and challenges

    Take Action Plan

    Write more. Set aside time, express your thoughts in  1-3 pages. Stream what’s going on in your head. Discover your goals, then work it into your sales presentations. The key is to be relatable.

    How to Find Jon Selig

    You can find Jon Selig online and at a comedy club near you in Central America!

    TW: @jonselig
    IG: ImprobableComic

    Jon also raises funds with Comedy Abroad, which produces live English stand-up comedy fundraisers in Latin America. 

    Sales Babble Sales Jokes

    Go here 

    Building Rapport in Sales

    There are other ways to build rapport other than jokes. Here are past episodes. Listen today!