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How To Sell The World with Karl Weaver #177

Karl Weaver Sales Babble

How To Sell The World  – Advice on Selling Asia #177

In this episode we meet Karl Weaver, an international sales professional who is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to how to sell the world. Selling Asia is different than the USA . Europe too. In both cases, sales only happen once trust is built.  In this episode Karl shares 7 ways to sell in a protectionist environment by a process of creating trust.

Advice on Selling Asia

We walked through a series of steps that in many ways, mirror enterprise sales in the United States:

  1. Realize their goal is to compete with the West
  2. Protect all you laptops and stored information
  3. Learn the language or bring someone who can
  4. Give a gift and something local like Almond Roca
  5. Don’t expect an immediate sale
  6. Honor the exchange of business cards
  7. Use social media like LinkedIn and WeChat

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Advice on Selling Europe

Like Asia, European companies do not make pop decisions. They are more formal when approaching business transactions. The gesture of exchanging business cards is a good example. Like Asia, it’s treated as an honor to both give and receive a business card.

Europe is interested in gaining trust before doing business. They want substance and don’t make quick decisions.

Take Action Advice

Even if you lose a deal, keep working on the next one. It takes time to break in. Be patient. Share on social media you’re value proposition. Over time relations will build for those who grind away.

Don’t expect the immediate sale. Be in it for the long run. Don’t close the door, keep going back and try again. Continue the good battle, sell, market and use social media why you’re products are great.

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How to Find Karl Weaver

Karl Weaver 魏卡尔 is a globally trained, Mandarin-Chinese speaking, senior wireless market and Smart Phone/mobile device specialist, working for wireless technology companies on both sides of the Pacific Rim in a sales & business development capacity.

Add Karl J. Weaver 魏卡爾 on WeChat   Add Karl J. Weaver 魏卡爾 on WeChat

Building Rapport in Sales

Dig into our back catalog and learn more about the challenge and skills you need to build rapport with YOUR customers. Listen now!

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Slidebean Examples Created for Sales Babble

As I mentioned here are  couple slide decks that I created for two Sales Babble presentations. Enjoy!

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7 LinkedIn Strategies for Generating Qualified Leads with Janis Pettit #176

Janis Pettit Sales Babble

7 LinkedIn Strategies for Generating Qualified Leads with Janis Pettit

If you’re running out of leads, this week’s episode is exactly what you need. Janis Pettit is an expert on the new LinkedIn interface. Today  we dig in and uncover 7 LinkedIn strategies for generating qualified leads. Janis takes us from setting up your profile, finding prospects, connecting, engaging,  moving them to a webinar presentation and on your email list. Not only does this work, but you can do the same thing on Facebook . Of course this assumes that’s where you’re prospect hang out! Stop the cold cold calling and start leveraging social media today!

Lead Generation Today

When it comes to B2B sales and marketing,  LinkedIn is the bomb. 41% millionaires are on LinkedIn with the  average income at $75K.  Members of LinkedIn are buyers. Janis gave us 7 strategies to turn those buyers, into prospects.

  1. Make sure your LinkedIn profiles clearly states who your are. Only  focus on people who have issues that you can provide solutions.
  2. Identify your ideal prospect, find them using advanced search, send a note to connect. Expect 40% will accept. Once they accept, engage them in a conversation and ask a strategic question.
  3. Keep track of your messaging in your CRM. This engagement can take weeks per prospect. Stay organized and follow up.
  4. Find active groups and become visible by offering valuable content.  Janis gave an example of an eBook she authored. Cross post on your “status update” on LinkedIn.
  5. When people view your status update, reach out to them and connect.
  6. Create a high converting funnel, get their email and place it on an email list. From that list offer webinars to engage and convert them into clients.
  7. Work on it 30 minutes a day

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Facebook for Prospecting

The above process can be used on Facebook too. It’s all dependent on the market niche you serve. If you’re interested in:

  • restaurants
  • retail
  • small businesses

How to Find Janis Pettit

Janis can be found at her company  Small Business, Big Results

Get a free copy of her eBook “How to Get More Business Leads From The New LinkedIn” to LinkedIn Strategies for Generating Qualified Leads

Connect with her on Facebook

Connect with her on LinkedIn 

Slidebean Examples Created for Sales Babble

As I mentioned here are  couple slide decks that I created for two Sales Babble presentations. Enjoy!

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How To Get the Most From Your CRM with Omer Lizotte

Omer Lizotte CRM Advice How To Get the Most From Your CRM with Omer Lizotte

This episode is for anyone who has a CRM. Our guest Omer Lizotte explains how to get the most from you CRM. Omer has studied CRM usage across many industries. He recently authored a book titled “Do you CRM me?: An Analytical Guide to Customer Relationship Management “. The book is full of case studies and advice that can help you bump up your selling productivity and efficiency.


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Start Simple Not Big

Omer recommends starting with the simple data that best represents your prospects. Track ONLY that data. Never include data that “may” have value some day.

  1. Information – Collect what’s most relevant to your ideal client
  2. Organization – Make data easy to find and use for sellers and managers
  3. Application – Focus on KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)
  4. Test – Don’t assume, see if data valuable
  5. Learn – Improve CRM with experience

Start simple, don’t collect everything, and don’t get stuck in analysis paralysis.

Organizations need to support their staff with IT personal. Provide skilled staff who can: configure reports, configure data, analyze work flow, aid both sellers, managers and administrative staff.

As the organization matures, integrate that knowledge into the CRM. Don’t bite off too much at first.



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How To Find Omer Lizotte

How To Get the Most From Your CRM with Omer Lizotte

Omer can be found on LinkedIn 

This is his book on Amazon:  Do you CRM me?: An Analytical Guide to Customer Relationship Management

Here is a great past episode The 7 Best Free CRM Systems for Business with Cara Wood

Sales Tools

Here are other past episodes that address sales tools that can add to your efficiency and productivity.

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How to Hire a Sales Rep that Hits the Ground Running #174

Sales Babble How To Hire a Sales RepHow to Hire a Sales Rep that Hits the Ground Running #174

In this solo episode we finish up the second part of a two part series with advice on how to hire a sales rep that’s a perfect fit for you. Last week we talked about how to get a job, this is the other bookend of the conversation. Inspired by a previously published LinkedIn post , this episode gives practical advice to discover how a candidate sales hires will act on the job. Stop guessing. Know for fact, your candidate will hit the ground running.

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Why Hiring is the Sales Managers Most Important Job

The lifeblood of a fast-growing startup is it’s team. People are the foundation of every organization.  Building a thriving culture, hiring skilled individuals and forming an amazing team creates rapid success. It’s not easy. But it’s something within your control. Given that revenue growth is the key success metric,  your first sales hires are paramount.

Steps For Hiring Reps That Hit The Ground Running

Don’t use the resume as the primary mechanism for assessing ability. Give candidates a series of tasks to demonstrate they have great selling skills:

  1. Author job ad using all your market skills. Know and describe your IDEAL employee
  2. Ask them to call you when they apply
  3. Validate they sound like professionals on the call
  4. Give them a written set of questions
  5. Go over the questions and resume. Qualify them
  6. Give them a presentation/demonstration task
  7. Invite them to lunch
  8. Give them an offer (given they pass all previous steps)

When you give candidates tasks that represent selling skills, you can better assess if they will fit into your organization. Don’t believe what people tell you, believe what people show you.

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How To Build Your Own Accelerated Hiring Process

This podcast episode was inspired by a LinkedIn article with the same title published in June 2017.

Pat has an entire hiring process available for managers who want to meet and exceed their hiring goals.  Contact Pat here to get a copy of your own customized 8  page hiring process to find quality hires, you never fire. 

Image result for contact meIt’s frustrating and time consuming spending all your time on hiring. Yet it’s the most important job you have. Let me help you grow an elite sales team. Contact me today. 


How to Manage and Hire Sales Teams

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SlideBean in the Media

The free cloud-based presentation tool that is storming the business world with head turning content is being lauded by the press:


How to Find a Sales Job That’s Perfect For You #173

How To Find a Salles Job with Sales BabbleHow to Find a Sales Job That’s Perfect For You #173

Solo Episode with Pat Helmers

You maybe happy in your job. Everything could be going right: your boss, your company, the product, your customers. You’re not thinking about how to find a sales job. That’s the farthest thing from your mind.  You could be rockin it and that’s great news. But alas nothing lasts.

For certain change will come: either your company will get acquired, your awesome boss will quit or get promoted, the lifecycle of your product will start to age and no matter how hard your try you won’t able to make quota again. Everything rides the adoption curve. What used to be easy to sell might take heroic strength in a year or so. nothing lasts.You’ve made your hay while the sun shined. The sun is setting in the west.

With this in mind take a moment to truly appreciate what you have today. Be present to the moment. It’s a wonderful, it’s euphoric and its temporary. p Tomorrow morning  go to the office  and warmly revel in the good work and tomorrow night start preparing for your next challenge and find a sales job that’s perfect for you.

You’re the Seller and You’re the Product

Getting job, is the sale of sales. Nobody knows the product better than you! But is the market ready for you?

Three years ago I wrote an article on this topic and back then the economy was in a much different place.  We’re at 4.44% jobless rate. the best in 15 years. It’s a sellers market which is good news for you.

Great sales people are hard to come by. If you have a stellar resume or even if you’re just breaking into the profession, these are good times to get in the business of job hunting.

This episode is part of a two part series. This episode is about sales professionals, next week’s episode is for sales managers who struggle to hire top notch sales people. Both sales folks and sales managers will appreciate both episodes. Each will get a glimpse on the dynamic of the buyer and seller, the manager and sales guys and gals.

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Hamster Wheel of HR

Most likely you’ve experienced the the hamster wheel of HR, endlessly submitting resume after resume into a deep black hole that is neither encouraging nor helpful. It’s a  frustrating process. It take forever to apply, copy paste, copy paste. After all your work you never hear squat.  As for the employers  they are overwhelmed by the fire hose of applications from candidates who are barely qualified to hum happy birthday in key.

Like salmon swimming upstream, the resume’s fight and jump and swim and eventually a blessed few reach the spawning area that will actually land on a hiring manager’s desk. This process doesn’t work for you.

Instead of making it a numbers game and applying willy nilly to a pantheon of organizations, let’s take the offense.  Use your selling skills to sell you!

You Selling You

If you’re looking for a job, you’re in sales! And what’s the product? You!

And who better to sell you, than you?  You know the product better than anyone else in the world. You know the skills and history of the product, the examples where you’ve gone the extra mile to delight the customer, where you’ve reached deep and with grit and tenacity and achieved success.

You know you. And now that you’ve decided to look for work, you’ve become a saleswoman or salesman. Congratulations.

You’re in sales, and as a sales professional, it’s important to take a sales approach when job hunting. What’s the sales process?

  1. Prospecting
  2. Discovery
  3. Matching 
  4. Closing.

Let’s first consider the target market. What are employers  looking for:

  • People who show up for work.
  • People with initiative.
  • People who are smart.
  • People who are competitive.
  • People who follow directions with an attention to detail.
  • People who are here to help.
  • People when you give them a job, it can be considered done.

Your task is to not just tell them you’re great, but to show them you’re great.  This is where the sales process can help.


Let’s start with prospecting. Most jobs never end up on Indeed, Career Builder, Monster or Craigslist. No, someone quits, someone gets fired and bingo there is a job opening. Instead of mindlessly submitting resumes into HR websites, take a tactical approach and identify employers who are a good match for you:

  1. Emerging products that fly off the shelves
  2. Great reputation for job satisfaction
  3. Location
  4. Makes sense as the next logical step in your career
  5. It’s a place you can grow
  6. It’s a place you can maximize your salary

Make a list of 50  companies you believe would appreciate your talents. Open up your favorite browser to LinkedIn and search for the owners, executives and directors who would be your boss.

They may be hiring, they may not. It doesn’t matter. Connect with them on LinkedIn and say this is the note

“Hi Pat, I see that you and I work in the same XYZ industry. We have much in common. I like connecting with others who have the same professional interests. Looking forward to know you. Thank you, Pat “

Wait a week or so until they connect.  When they do say this.

“Hi Pat, it’s great to connect with experts like yourself. Do you have a moment to chat? I was looking for some career advice and I believe you are one of very few people who could steer me in the right direction. Thank you, Pat”

When they agree to meet on the phone, do exactly as you stated. Tell them the truth.

“I’m trying to grow into my profession and take on a new/old roll in a new/old industry.  You’ve been very successful. How did you do it?”

I Need Some Advice

You’re not asking them for a job, but you’re asking for their advice! They have a job opening. They may not. But you are generating interest and you’re being memorable. They will have some great words of wisdom They may know someone who is hiring. Or if the stars align, they WILL have an opening.

This is a non-pushy way to get your foot in the door. You may be thinking. People aren’t going to take me up on this, they’re going to see through my request. But you would be surprised by the goodness of people. Some industries this might not work. But think about what’s going on. Practically EVERYONE on LinkedIn is either seller, a prospect. Yes, there are a few people from past jobs, but the large majority are on LinkedIn for business purposes. Partnerships and connections are vital to business success. This is what the tool was designed for and this it where it shines.

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Social Media vs Calling

So what do you do if you can’t get them to connect?

Call the sales line.

“Hi I’m looking for a sales position in your company. Do you have any advice for me?” 

The sales line is a direct link to their sales organization. Leverage it. Sales people appreciate the work you’re putting in to get a job. Be nice, laugh with them, ask them how they like it, ask them how they got started. They’re disposition is to be nice to you and treat you like a hot prospect. If they are jerks, call another day and get a different representative.

You can ask if they’ve heard how business is going. If you hustle you can break into an organization.

You can ask about your decision maker lead from LinkedIn. If they send you to voice mail, leave the same message you would on LinkedIn. Follow the 3×8 follow up rule and call every 3 days at least 8 times. Leave a voice mail that share a bit more about yourself and the VALUE you can bring to their organization.

“Hi I’m Pat, I understand you may be hiring for JOB POSITION and I believe I can help. Do you have a moment to chat on Wednesday? My number is 630.768.3134.”

Don’t feel like you’re bothering them, because you’re actually here to help!  Take the mindset that this is an opportunity to demonstrate initiative, tenacity, fearlessness and a deep desire to help solve their problems.

In sales you will face an ocean of rejection so when you expect loss, it’s much easier to deal with the emotional toll.  Selling is hard work, but that’s the profession you’ve chosen once you’ve decided to seek employment.

Focus on the goal: To Get An Appointment. During the conversation when the time is right say

“I believe I can help you overcome the challenges you’re facing. Let’s meet. Do you have time next week?”

This is the “ask”. Don’t skip it!

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When you get an appointment, be it either a phone call or a meeting, the interview starts. It’s critical you get the employer to talk about their business struggles, hopes, and fears. Hiring managers have a tendency to want to learn all about you. Turn it around. Successful executive are revered for their ability to identify problem.  If you’re doing all the talking, you’re not demonstrating your skill of walking in their shoes, identifying with their pains, and  offering solutions (e.g. hiring you) to those issues.

What do they want?

At sometime during the conversation the employer will ask if you have any questions. This is your opportunity to do problem identification. Ask the question

“What does it take to be a successful JOB POSITION here at XYZ Company?”

Make a  list, 1 to N of skills and attributes THEY value. Keep saying

“What else?  What else? What else?” 

until they have no more items.


When the list is complete, walk through the list, one by one. Share concrete examples where you’ve addressed an issue like this in the past.

Now this presupposes you’ve prepared ahead of time. It assumes you’ve thought about the things hiring managers face, and you’ve got ready examples on hand where you’ve been a here.

Decide if it’s a fit

If it looks like you have what the hiring managers wants, it’s time to go for the close. If you don’t have what they want, thank them for their time. We’re not  a fit for everyone.


As a sales person you’re comfortable asking for the sale. If you’re a non-seller this may seem pushy. It’s not. Remember you’re goal is to add value to their company. If you can help them out by being a strong employee, the deal is going to work out for everyone.This is how you close. Say the following :

“From what I’ve shared,  do you believe I have the skills to be successful in this position?”  If they say yes, that’s great. You almost have the job.

If they say no simply ask “Why?”

Most likely they will add new items on the list. Go back to the Discovery portion of the interview. Repeat the process of asking what it takes to be successful with more what elses. Once all issues have been addressed say:

Now do you believe I have the skills to be successful in this position?”

If not,  repeat the process until they say “YES”. 

The next  question is very difficult for non-sellers,

What are the barriers to having me start this position in two weeks?”    If you’ve done your job well  they will give you an offer. Congratulations!

However, they may say they have concerns that have not  been discussed. Collect the issues and repeat the process above. It may become apparent that you don’t have the skills they’re  looking for, you’re not a match.

More likely they may say “We have  other candidate interviews”. In this situation they can’t give you a decision at this time. Ask when it would be a good time to follow up. Make sure you follow up within 1 week and keep proving you would become a great contributor to their organization.

Win or lose stay in touch

Again as you proceed down the sales process it may become clear you’re not qualified. Not everyone is qualified for every position.  Job hunting and job placement is a process of matchmaking.   You must be a good match for the employer, and the employer must be a good match for you.

Just because they don’t hire you’ve only lost this deal. There are other job opening at that company. In a month or so they maybe looking again. Keep in touch with them. Even if you find a job. Nothing lasts.

Throughout this process you will find what it’s like working for the company. You may find they are disrespectful, confused, disorganized with little focus.   You don’t want to work them!  Better to find out now then later.

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I believe you can find a sales job that’s perfect for you. The best way to do that is to follow a 4 step process you can tip the odd in your favor:

  1. Prospecting – identify your ideal employer, make a list of attributes they search for and a list of candidate companies
  2. Discovery – using social media like LinkedIn, connect with hiring managers and reach out to connect. If you can’t connect with the decision makes online, use the phone and call the sales line and ask for advice. Asking for advice generates rich conversations
  3. Matching  – ask the hiring managers what they value and then walk through their list and show them you have what it takes to be successful in their organization
  4. Closing.- ask the managers if you have what they’re looking for and if so, what are the barriers to have you start in the next few weeks.

Interviewing for a new job is just a different kind of sale. It’s going to be a lot of work. But in the end, very rewarding. We spend enormous hours at work. If we don’t love what we do, it can be soul crushing. So the effort we invest early in the job hunting process is going to have a rich return on investment.

Connect with Sales Babble

To get a copy of this process and  a study guide on How To Find a Sales Job That Perfect For You go to the show notes

Let’s keep the conversation going. You can find us on LinkedIn, and Twitter, we have Facebook Fan Page , and we have a private Facebook group just for the Sales Babble listeners, again I’ll share the link in the show notes. Or if you want to connect with me and have a question, go the the Sales Babble home page, to leave a message, or voice mail or Schedule A Call.

And while you’re at  take a a moment to dig deep into the archives where each episode’s about helping you grow your business.

I want to thank our sponsor again, Slidebean and urge all you Sales Babblers to check them out and use the offer code link for a free copy. Our sponsor keep the conversation going

I hope you got a few ideas on how to accelerate your sales. We have more for you next Tuesday with the second part to this episode.  Until then, take care and have a highly successful selling day.

Sales Job Interview Tips

Here are some previous episodes that provide job seekers advice. Listen today!


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How to Sound Better and Improve your Voice during Sales Presentations with Tracy Goodwin #172

Tracy Goodwin Sales BabbleHow to Sound Better and Improve Your Voice During Sales Presentations with Tracy Goodwin #172

In this episode we meet Tracy Goodwin, owner of Captivate the Room. Tracy has coached hundreds of people around the globe how to improve their voice, sound more confident, and close sales. Starting her career in the theatre,  Tracy coaches business professionals  on what she calls the psychology of the voice. She  gets to the core of how to sound better and improve your voice during sales presentations.

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Voice is the Tool to Affect Emotions

The voice shares passion and feeling and it’s how people connect. Great sales is based on building relationships.  People can hear doubt, desperation, and aspiration. Your ability to connect depends on words.  Words are everything and nothing.  It’s how you bring them to life that matters.

Mistakes people make:

  • Rely solely on the words, not the voice
  • They talk too fast, try to get all the words out
  • They don’t connect with listeners because they don’t understand

What To Do To Improve Your Sales Voice

Tracy discussed at length on things sellers can do to improve their speaking and presenting. She also shared six ways to sound better and improve your voice during sales presentations. We dug deep into each element:

  1. Take  a deep breath before you pickup a phone or stepping on a stage
  2. Find connector words – be a tour guide and go on a voice journey
  3. Tell stories and it will minimize getting louder and faster
  4. Pause (don’t fear the space)
  5. Be unpredictable
  6. Memorize the first line and the last line (like an actor). This way you know where to start and how to end. The middle will fill itself in.

Take Action Advice

Make bold choices and commit to them.

How To Find Tracy Goodwin

People all over the world seek out Tracy Goodwin for her expertise because she unravels the voice story. If you’re interested in ways to sound better and improve your voice during sales presentations, find Tracy at here Captivate the Room website:

Free Voice Review Offer

Connect with Tracy and send her a recording of your speaking and she will give you a free analysis and advice on how you can sound better and improve your voice during sales presentations.

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Building Rapport in Sales

Look here for past episodes on how to build rapport in sales!


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Why Qualifying Prospects is Like Selling To Zebras with Jeff Koser #171

Why Qualifying Prospects is Like Selling To Zebras with Jeff Koser #170

Our guest today is Jeff Koser, author of the book “Selling to Zebras”.  Jeff believes that good prospects should be as easy to spot as a zebra. Far too many sellers have no idea what problems they solve for their clients.  They can’t distinguish a hot prospect from zoo animal. That’s the topic for today and what you can do know your perfect client and get results.

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What’s a Zebra?

If you don’t know your ideal client (your Zebra),  sales, business development and marketing are going to be misaligned. Nor will you be able to connect with Power, what Jeff calls the sole person who can decide to buy without checking the budget. The goal here is to only be selling to zebras.

Sales Process

Build your Zebra – Define your ideal client and design your avatar. Use
7 attributes, score each attribute 0-4 with  red yellow green. The high score is 28

  • 0-16 is in the red (you’re never going to make the sales)
  • 17-22 is in yellow (you’re deal is in trouble, you’re not selling to zebras)
  • 23-28 is in green (you’ve earned the right to ask for the business)
Zebra Attributes
  1. organizational profile
  2. operations
  3. power
  4. funding
  5. value
  6. technology
  7. service

Voice of the Customer – find the person who can buy without a budget. Discover THEIR problem and solve it. Power focuses on cost avoidance. Ask your current customers what problem you solved when they came on board. Find out what value you bring. Build a business case why someone should buy from you

Business Case – the Value Proposition. This process forces you to do your homework. Identify why they are your zebra, you’ve build a business case for your product, now you can frame your product in Power’s context.

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How to Find Jeff Koser

Jeff’s company is Selling To Zebras:

Take Action Advice

Don’t give up. If you have a dream the single biggest difference between succeeding and failing is your willing to continue to persevere.

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SlideBean in the Media

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Ideal Clients, Avatars and Value Proposition Examples

Here are past episode you just might find addicting. Grow your sales today!


Selling In A Skirt with Judy Hoberman #170

Selling In A Skirt with Judy Hoberman #170

In this episode we meet business advocate and professional mentor for women Judy Hoberman. Judy is the author of the book  Selling in a Skirt where she discusses gender differences in buying and selling.  In this episode we discuss how women sell to men, men sell to women, and how to create a niche market that ensures you’re the expert.

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SlideBean Free Trial Build a Relationship

Sales is about building a relationship. This is true for all types of sales, from the simple to the complex.  Always ask questions and  take notes. Show that you’re very interested in learning more about the prospect.

Ask open ended questions. Discover if they are qualified for your products and services. People like to talk about themselves. They will tell you everything you need to know. If they have the problem your “thing” solves, you have a hot prospect.

Continue to fact find during the presentation. The next step is to close.

Secret Weapon

After the fact finding process Judy asks …“OK is there anything else?”

This will generate the first objection. “Is there anything else? What do you think we should do next?”

Address each objection, one by one.

When the objections cease, the trick is to get them to close themselves:

“It looks like Friday would be a good time to get back together, would Noon work?”

There are three possible answers:

  1. Perfect
  2. Not Perfect how about 2PM
  3. I’m going to think about it?”   (if this is the case, discover if there is a hidden objection, otherwise follow up in 2 months)

Take Action Today

Be focused and get focused by setting goals. Think of the EOY goal, and work backwards with interim monthly goals.

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How To Find Judy Hoberman

You can find Judy on her website

Judy also had a special offer at

  • Skirting the Issues eBook
  • 3 key gender differences that create the perfect sales team
  • What the F is everyone Twittering about
  • 4 simple words that will increase your sales
  • How to outsell every man in your office


Pat and Judy on iHeart Radio: Selling In A Skirt – Who Is Your Tribe?

In this episode Judy Hoberman interviews me on non-pushy selling and how bullying a prospective client goes nowhere during this day and age.

Judy takes a view of servant leadership that dovetails well with the Sales Babble view of helping and adding value. Consider the Covey quote “Seek first to understand then to be understood”. 

Selling In A Skirt, June 5, 2017


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Memory Hacks for Sales Professionals with Brad Zupp #169

Brad Zupp Memory CoachMemory Hacks for Sales Professionals with Brad Zupp #169

In this episode we have a returning guest Brad Zupp. Brad is a memory whiz and author of a new book Hack Proof Password System.  He shares memory hacks for sales professionals and tips on how to remember names, how to remember passwords and how to look like a superhero when working with prospects.   Brad’s book launched June 19 2017 but you can get it for free that week!

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 Three Ways To Remember Names

  • Repeat a name 3 times at the moment you meet the new person
  • Each night, think about the people you met  today AND recal their names
  • In groups, connect people in the conversation (again repeating names) and how they are related or organized

Hack Proof Password System

The safest way to keep you passwords safe is to memorize them.

  • Create a rule based system
  • Look at website. Think of what memories it triggers.
  • Find an anchor, maybe 2 or 3 words
  • Substitute vowels for a random number
  • Choose a favorite punctuation character
  • Capitalize a letter, or word

This method is not that difficult. In fact to a certain degree it’s a memory hack for sales professionals and any business professional looking to strengthen their memory.

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 How To Find The Book

The Hack-Proof Password System: Protect Yourself Online with a Memory Expert’s In-Depth Guide to Remembering Passwords:

Listeners outside of the USA click here 

Unlock Your Amazing Memory: The Fun Guide that Shows Grades 5 to 8 Students How to Remember Better and Make School Easier:

How To Get a Free Bonus Book

For the free bonus material (workbook and companion ebook):

How To Find Brad Zupp

Brad’s email:

Brad’s main website:

For information on Brad’s presentations for students, visit

Twitter: @BradZupp



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SlideBean in the Media

The free cloud-based presentation tool that is storming the business world with head turning content is being lauded by the press:

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How To Write A Successful Sales Plan with Jamie Irvine #168

Jamie Irvine Sales BabbleHow To Write A Successful Sales Plan with Jamie Irvine #168

Our guest is Jamie Irvine, an account manager and entrepreneur from Alberta Canada. Jamie believes to achieve big sales results every company needs to have a sales plan. A sales plan will help you to organize your activity. With a systematic approach you can move consistently towards  closing sales. A sales plan establishes clear defined goals, priorities, timetables, and necessary resources. It is a roadmap to success.  This plan must be understood by everyone in the company and focuses everyone’s attention on achieving and making sales. Jamie shares the key elements on how to write a successful sales plan. It’s not as hard as you think!

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The Best of Sales Plans

There are a number of  key elements to a sales plan. But first understand the “why” behind the need of a sales plan. It’s primary goal is to make sure you’re going in the right direction. Have a good plan, not perfect plan. Don’t get caught up in analysis paralysis and having no plan at all. The goal is to get started and work on it consistently.

Here are the elements on how to write a successful sales plan:

  1. Explain Why – First express the value of your sales plan. It’s important to understand the motivation for a sales plan. It will drive you to honor and follow the plan.
  2. Set measurable goals with defined outcomes – Activities are not enough. The desired results must clear. Without defined outcomes, sales goals don’t help you. Start with the ultimate goal of closing the sale and work backwards.
  3.  Establish a timeline – Pick a schedule that is challenging but doable.
  4.  Define your goals – Big goals, annual goals, and weekly to-do list goals to make this happen. Jamie uses a simple notepad. Breaks them up into alphabetical categories for precedence. Then numbers them 1 to N by importance.
  5.  Identify barriers to success –  Many times outside events are beyond your control. But you can learn how to deal with rejection and overcoming objections. That you can control.
  6. Outline the strategy and get everyone on board.
  7. Seek commitment from all the stakeholders – all roles need to support sales.

When developing a sales plan it is important that it is simple and that you take consistent action every day


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How To Find Jamie Irvine

This is Jamie on LinkedIn

His blog post Jamie Irvine

This is the LinkedIn article How To Write a Successful Sales Plan that caught my attention and invited Jamie as a guest.

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The free cloud-based presentation tool that is storming the business world with head turning content is being lauded by the press:

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