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Sales Babble is the premiere sales podcast for technology sales and startups. Sales Babble is fun yet packed with terrific advice and actionable information featuring the  Selling With Confidence Sales Training System. We believe that anyone who has a desire to help their clients can become a highly skilled and effective sales professional.

Sales Babble Sales Podcast is Published Weekly on Tuesday Mornings and showcased on the  Player FM Sales Page
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Caveat Venditor – Let the Salesman Beware

Once upon a time….  the Sunday newspaper was delivered directly to people’s homes. It was a large newspaper, mostly filled with ads to lure customers. People loved the ads because it provided a means to comparison shop. In those day most people were skeptical of the sales people in those shops.  Caveat emptor (let the […]

We train coach consult and teach a selling style that fits your personality and works.

SB 003 | Building a Business With Purpose – an Interview with Brett Jarman

In this podcast  I interview Brett Jarman to discuss  the power of being in a business that aligns with your own personal purpose in life.  Brett is a business consultant, strategist  and published author of the book “Soul Operator, How to Be Your Own Boss and Build a Business With Purpose” . He talks about […]


Five Ways to Build Rapport and Your Business

People buy from people they trust. They trust people they like. Getting people to like you is a large part of building that trust. It’s all one big cycle. But how do you kick off this cycle of trust? The process of getting people to like you is called building rapport. Rapport is built  on […]

We train coach consult and teach a selling style that fits your personality and works.

SB 002 | How To Sell Refrigerators to Eskimos – An Interview with Walt Rowland

In this episode I  interview entrepreneur and tour operator Walt Rowland who shares how all sales is personal. In this spirited discussion we talk in depth about the various ways to connect with prospective clients Right-click here to download the MP3 In This Episode How to Sell During this podcast we discuss: How we  need to […]

We train coach consult and teach a selling style that fits your personality and works.

SB 001 | The Preface – Selling Secrets for Non-Sellers

This is first podcast of Sales Babble and its titled Preface like the “Preface” of a book. In this episode we’ll explain what this podcast is all about, who’s the target audience, what it will contain, and what you can anticipate in the coming episodes. You’ll also learn a bit about Pat, why I felt […]


The iTunes of March has Sales Babble

Today is the Ides of March and also the iTunes of March, at least for Sales Babble. Today we’re officially up on iTunes and ready for the first podcast. Since there are so many steps needed to reach this point, this is a huge milestone and a day worth celebrating. Happy Ides of March! And […]


SB000: The Soft Launch Episode

Attention: This is a special blog post in preparation for the upcoming Sales Babble podcast. I’m enlisting a small set of people who I trust and admire to review this first “practice” podcast.  There are  a number of steps that must be accomplished in order to publish an episode. I’m using this post as a […]


One Simple Trick To Handle Rejection

One of the biggest fears in sales is the prospect of being rejected. Most people agree that it’s unpleasant to be told “no”. The dread of being turned down can really sap your energy.  One or two bad calls  and  the task of reaching out to new clients  plummets to the bottom of the to-do […]


Five Ways to be a Qualifying Sales Olympian

Not all athletes can compete in the Olympics, only the very best. To become a participant, athletes must qualify. This qualification generally demands entrants to complete a competition within some time, distance, height, or score. The same thing is true of prospective clients. Not all clients are cut-out to be customers. Their business may not be […]


6 Simple Steps of a Sales Process: Sales 101

Steps of a Sales Process I’ve just created a free infographic titled Sales 101 – 6 Simple Steps. Many small business entrepreneurs need to grow their business, and sales is a cost effective way of obtaining new clients. Often times non-sellers avoid sales because they don’t understand it. This infographic explains sales in plain language. […]