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How to Network and Get Referrals with Victor Clarke #94

Victor Clarke

How to Network and Get Referrals with  Victor Clarke

In this episode we meet Victor Clarke of Be Better Do More. Victor share’s his experience on how to network and get referrals for your business.  According to Victor, he helps clients market their marketing!  He does this by using print, mail, promos, design, websites, etc.    Also, he does this by bringing client ideas  to life with an emphasis on high ROI.

Challenge of Sales

The single most challenging thing in sales is convincing  clients that they must change their marketing thinking from analog (i.e print, direct mail, TV, radio, etc.) to digital (i.e websites, email, blogging, content marketing, etc.)  This is a difficult paradigm shift for many established businesses.  It’s the responsibility of the the seller to help clients make the right choice.

Networking to Get Referrals  

You need to be able to laugh at yourself, and learn from things that happen.   Secondly, you need to  roll on to the next prospect or appointment, let go of failure and move on. 

Also, never get too high or too low recommend Victor.  Never accept all the credit for the sale, but take the responsibility for a lost sale, learn from it, and move on.   

Victor believes you should never push products or services on a customer if they don’t need it. Again it’s the responsibility of the the seller to help clients make the right choice versus winning a deal.

Victor Clarke’s Biography

Owner of Clarke, Inc. for 20 years evolving it from a print shop to an inbound and outbound marketing firm. In my free time I am a high school football and lacrosse official, and the bass player in the Barleydogs rock and roll cover band.





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