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Selling With Confidence

Selling With Confidence Sales System


Do you  lack confidence in your selling skills?

Are you fumbling cold calls, unsure what to say?

Do you lack a formal sales process and forget to follow up?

Do clients keep stalling and never agreeing to buy?

Lastly are you running out of time?


They say that Albert Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over, yet expecting different results.

If this sounds familiar, don’t you think it’s time to take a different approach?

In fact…You have to do something radically different


This March 5th at 12 PM CST


I’m hosting a  LIVE webinar,  and I’m going to show exactly what I  do when it comes to sales.  I’m going to share for the first time  how to skyrocket your sales step-by-step. By the end of this FREE webinar, you’ll have the confidence to  know exactly:

what to say,  

when to say it,  

 and how to influence prospects to buy 


This webinar talks about the fundamentals of sales. Whether it be Business to Business (B2B) or Business to Customer (B2C) the fundamentals remain the same. You can apply these in many situations because no matter what, at some level you’re selling P2P, Person to Person.  It’s building that connection to people, is the trick.  I’ll talk about the….


Three skills you need to  master sales

These are learned skills. People aren’t born to sales. Sales is like any else, it has a set of processes, goals and best practices defined over time. Sales has been a part of civilization since ancient Sumeria and the Silk Road. As such there are rules of thumb that anyone can discover. For example we’ll go into great detail and show the ….

6 stages of any sales

and walk through each stage so you’ll know what to do and when to do it.

With the onset of the Internet, the process of sales has dramatically evolved.  Notions of being aggressive, hard-nosed, pushy and obnoxious no longer work. Sales has evolved into a more collaborative process.  And that’s exactly what we’ll cover.

The one mindset all great sellers possess

Believe or not but you’ll  be able to apply  this mindset it immediately that day.  Sales is surprisingly simple, but only if you break it down to it’s fundamentals.   This is precisely what you’ll experience in Selling With Confidence. 



Come see the full and complete strategy I use in sales.

Sales is fundamental to any business. It’s the science of making a trade. A trade must be a good deal for the buyer, but it must be a good deal for the seller too.  This is what we call a Win-Win and it’s a must for success. They way I like too look at it …..

Without sales, there is no revenue.

Without revenue there is no business.


If you’re struggling to find a way to sell your products and services, with if you’re frustrated your clients never buy, if you’re confused and at a loss for words when you make a call and if you’re passionate about what you can share,

The Selling With Confidence Webinar

can kick start your selling today.


Decades of Experience for You

JorgTookYourPicture_SmallBizExpo-3793-MI’ve been in sales for a long long time. Mostly selling technology but also professional services too. As a sales manager I’ve  trained newbies and coached veteran sellers. This combined with nearly three decades of training experience, has given me the perspective and life experiences to author this course.

This is a totally free webinar

and I’m sharing it so others can build upon my decades of sales experience in business.   I learned these things the hard way through a process of trial and error. You don’t need to.

No Need to Reinvent the Wheel




The Selling With Confidence Webinar

Wednesday March 5th, 2015




11 AM MT



Your business rocks and the world needs to know this

You have this  tremendous secret that nobody knows.    It’s frustrating to see  people buy from the competition, yet you KNOW it’s inferior to what you provide. You’ve devoted your whole life into your business. It’s time to let world  in,  on this secret. And  how do you  do this?

Hone your sales skills,

Beef up your persuasion,

Grow your influence and

build relationships with clients for life.

This is not a time to be shy.   Share the Secret

that your business provides the VERY best

And oh by the way…..

This is all about non-pushy sales

I believe the world would be better off  with fewer hucksters and pushy salesman. This webinar is about discovering a selling style that fits your personality.  You want to help your clients, don’t you? You have an attitude that’s positive and affirming. Right?

Picture discovering a way of selling that matches your desire to serve your clients.  You need  build a relationship that’s so strong they…….

Gladly buy from you, over and over and over 


These selling skills are life skills. They  are good for your  business, your employees, your clients and your family.

freebuttonAgain, this is a FREE webinar. It’s my gift to you.


Make Sales.  Grow Your Business.

With this one webinar you can double, maybe triple your business prospects in 30 days.

Or you can skip it and keep doing what you’ve always done.         What did Einstein call that?

Sign Up Today

The Selling With Confidence Webinar


Build your selling skills and invest in your profession

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