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How Sales Can Help Buyers Help Themselves – Hugh Liddle #164

Hugh Liddle Sales PodcastHow Sales Can Help Buyers Help Themselves – Hugh Liddle #164

Sales Wizard Hugh Liddle is a sales coach famous for his red cap In this episode we answer the eternal question all buyers ask, “What’s in it for me ?” The responsibility of a seller to help buyers help themselves. Sellers need to stop the conversation of “we we we, our our our…etc”.  Today Hugh tells us how sales can help buyers with the two skill successful sellers must have.  Plus he give practical examples on how to integrate these skills  it into your selling.

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Answer the Question “So What”

Before you start to share information with a prospect, ask the question “so what”? If the information doesn’t matter to them, it’s only bragging and blustering.

Skills of Successful Sellers

It’s not about you, it’s not about being fast talker. Two skill we sellers must develop:

  1. Ask good open ended questions to find out they they are thinking
  2. Ability to Listen

This is the path to learning how sales can help buyers, help themselves. If you qualify prospects by listening, you will be working with the kind of prospects who become buyers.

Example Development Questions

Hugh gave some examples of open ended questions:

  • Where do you see your business in one year?
  • What’s been going on with your business this year?

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Focus on the EMOTION of the  End Result

From the answer of the open ended questions, you will gather the emotion they are feeling. If you can create results that address this emotion, you will find success. This answer the question on how sales can help buyers. Focus on the end result the customer will experience.

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